Sleepwalking (rewritten, part 1)

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Keith was a crazy sleeper and as much was starting to become more and more obvious the longer the group all lived on the castle-ship together.

Shiro could clearly remember the first time he had discovered of Keiths strange sleeping habits. Habits, plural because there were multiple.

Back during his days at the garrison working as an instructor alongside Adam (when they were engaged and the happiest they had ever been) Keith had taken to spending most of his time at their Garrison-issued apartment.

At first, despite being exhausted and spending the night with them most nights, Keith never fell asleep in front of them. Shiro would watch as he forced his drooping eyes to stay open during movie night, and Adam would observe as he crashed to the couch in an exhaustive manner but never managed to relax.

But then, like a switch had been flipped, about a month into learning to trust them he had started to fall asleep more often around them. Shiro had guessed that he finally trusted them, and Adam had claimed that it was just because the boy had finally given into his insomnia.

Either way, he started lounging and more often than not, sleeping everywhere. Shiro and Adam decided they wouldn't comment on it, instead they just draped blankets over his prone form and watched as he burrowed himself further into the cloth like it was a shield.

Then came the nightmares, where they would have to stay at the doorway calling his name, watching as he twisted and turned, yelling at some invisible assailant to just 'please stop.' Those nights had always been the worst, but once Keith had finally calmed down enough to be clear headed he always pushed the two of them away, embarrassed and emotionally drained.

That wasn't enough to push them away. Shiro didn't think he nor Adam would shrink at anything Keith did despite his intimidation tactics.

Following nightmares Keith would sleep talk, mumbling noncommittal things under his breath as he tossed and turned on the couch. Sometimes he would even sit up and yell before laying back down like nothing happened.

Adam found this much more amusing than Shiro, but Shiro stopped his fiancée before he could ask any personal questions to the sleepy kid.

Keith also slept like a maniac, or a man who had been lit on fire. He always started off in the same position, curled up with his back to the wall, but somehow migrated to starfish wildly until he ultimately fell off of the couch or bed.

That was all strange, but the strangest event was back when he and Adam had stayed late for a staff meeting regarding the approaching Kerberos mission. It wasn't a fun meeting at all, the Kerberos mission looming a year ahead of them. Emergency contacts had to be filed and signed by the contact themselves, so Shiro had brought Adam along to give written consent along with the rest of the Holt family.

They had left Keith asleep in the guest room and hoped to sneak back before he noticed they were gone, (but of course, Adam wasn't stupid. He wrote out a note and left it on the fridge so that the cadet wouldn't panic at their disappearance. Even if Shiro had told him beforehand where they were going, it was better safe than sorry.)

"That was pointless," Shiro grumbled as he turned the key and tugged it, effectively shutting off the jeep. He silently shut the heavy door behind him and Adam was already outside waiting for him.

"It was needed," his fiancée pointed out, voice low as they approached the apartment door. Thankfully it was a first story appointment so no stairs needed. Shiro didn't think he would have managed to amble up stairs with how overloaded his brain was at one in the morning.

"There was no reason for it to run that late."

"You have a point there," Adam grabbed the key ring in Shiro's hand and snatched it to aim the keycard to the scanner. The door opened with a silent woosh, and Shiro mentally thanked that it was no longer making the strange beeping sounds it did when they had first moved in, because if that was the case then Keith would have for sure woken up.

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