Wisdom teeth

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It started as a dull ache in the back of Keith's mouth. Like other aches and sores in his body, he had resolutely ignored it in favor of doing something else that will cause even more aches and sores. It had been fine for a few days, and tolerable for the few more after that.

By the second week, though, the pain had migrated from the back of his mouth and to his jaw, feeling like it had fractured every time he opened it.

And halfway through that same week, the pain had spread even further and to the back of his skull, burning hot when he chewed and lingering when he talked.

It was just Keith's luck that he would end up having a dental problem in space, but how he was going to deal with it, he had no idea. So like most aches and sores in his body, he ignored it until it became very apparent to the rest of the team.

The week had started off like so.

On Monday, (Pidge had made it a point to keep track of the days in space, even if Keith thought it didn't matter) the castle's alarm started to blare bright and early in the morning. Keith had been so disoriented that he rolled right out of bed and nearly put on his paladin armor backwards. By the time he made it to the main viewing deck, he was disappointed to realize that even Lance had beat him. (had he slept through most of the alarm?) Allura was calmly scrolling through their distress signals.

"Uhh, princess, where's the giant fleet of enemy ships?" Lance asked, and for once Keith was glad that there was someone else who asked the questions he was too tired to ask himself.

"Hmm?" She looked down, bright eyed and ready for the day, as if she hadn't even realized they were there. "Oh, that alarm was no real threat, I just wanted you all up this morning and I figured it was best to keep you on your toes."

The garrison trio all let out a collective groan and Keith mentally backed up the sentiment.

"Princess," Shiro sighed wearily, "there is a reason for drills, but it would be nice if you would tell us the night before so that some of us could at least try to get some sleep." He rubbed the back of his head, and Keith didn't miss the dark circles under his eyes. He was speaking for himself and the rest of their crew.

"What's the point in telling you? That way you would already be prepared, would you not?"

Keith had a feeling that she wouldn't ever get the point of the situation, and Pidge seemed to sense the same thing, because after taking off her glasses and rubbing her face she looked as wide awake as she could possibly be at five in the morning. "Why did you want us up bright and early anyway?"

"We will be using this morning to prioritize the descriptions encrypted in these distress signals, code red for the urgent, yellow for the matters that can be sorted out at a later date, and green for the unnecessary ones. I fear that there will be significantly less green signals than red and yellows."

"We could have at least had a few more hours of sleep," Hunk groaned, "Not cool man, not cool."

Keith was inclined to agree, because waking them up before the sun would even rise on Earth just to sort alien files was not a good way to start a training day. The Princess still didn't seem to understand the limits of the human body, despite the long and detailed conversation Shiro had with her about boundaries.

Keith put his head down and pinched between his eyebrows before his hands trailed down to rub sorley at his jaw. Even the rubbing sensation sent a spike of pain through his skull.

"Keith?" Shiro asked, somehow he had materialized right next to him. Keith tried not to wince when he looked up to notice the team had spread themselves across the room, all going through files half-asleep. Shiro was looking down at him, brows pinched with concern, "are you okay? You haven't said a word this morning."

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