Fevered Dreams

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Keith did not feel good. He just woke up, and found that it was hard to lift his head from his pillow. He groaned as he blinked rapidly, trying to ward off the migraine that already made it feel like his head was being banged against a table.

Keith's stomach churned as he sat up, leaning on the wall behind him.

The red paladin thanked God that the lights weren't on, or else he would be pretty much blind and his migraine would only get worse.

Out of all the years, now he had to get sick?!

Keith had a pretty good record for not getting sick, in fact, he hadn't gotten sick in a little over two years. But when he did get ill, it got pretty bad. He pulled back his sheets, that were not drenched in sweat, and let his bare feet touch the cold metallic floor.

When they came in contact, it sent tingles up Keith's spine. He was shivering, but at the same time hot and sweating profusely. He ran his hands through his hair, getting the coal black hair out of his face.

Keith leaned on his bed heavily as he thrusted to his feet.

He unsteady walked a few steps, his stomach was now tugging down, sending an all to
Familiar feeling to his throat. Keith decided to ignore the warning, and try to make his way to the rooms light switch.

He was going to face the light outside when he went to see the other paladins. He knew he couldn't skip a day, it would be suspicious, he could at least make it to breakfast. But his thoughts were interrupted when he tripped over his own feet, sending him crashing to the ground, his shirtless back took the majority fall.

Keith lay there for a minute, letting the feeling of dread wash over him.

His stomach started twisting itself into knots, and his back stung like he just got rope burn. Despite the pain, Keith slowly sat up to his feet once more, turning on the lights in the process. At first it burned, but the white faded, leaving just his fluffy vision and his now searing head ache.

He stumbled to the bathroom, now a little more accustomed to the lack of his body control. He looked himself over in the mirror. His raven hair was plastered to his forehead, sticking out in odd angles, his violet eyes looked a little less sharp, and more unfocused. His already pail complexion was more ghostly.

He turned to look over his back, it was rash red, a few places were even bleeding. Keith pulled a black cotton T-shirt over his back, making sure not to add any pressure to his back. He decided to leave his sweatpants on, since pretty much everyone in the castle ate breakfast with their night wear on.

Keith turned away from the mirror, his stomach was sore, but there was not anymore nausea.


Keith then slipped on socks and made his way down the empty hallway, occasionally stumbling. But it was only sheer will power that kept him going. He did not want his team to think he was weak. So far in space, Pidge, Hunk, and Shiro had only gotten sick, and Keith didn't want to be on in that list.

When he entered the room, everyone stated at him like he had gone crazy. Only Shiro was in paladin armor, and Keith usually would be in his too. "Umm... Keith, you okay? You don't look so good." Hunk asked concerned, as he served some alien food that Keith hasn't bothered to look at.

Just the smell of it made his stomach grumble, and not in the good way. "Thanks" he grumpy replied, cringing at his own voice. It sounded like some space dogs came and shredded his voice box.

"Okay... Well eat your food." Hunk advised, plopping down next to Pidge and Lance.

"Where is your amour, you always wear your amour!?" Lance questioned.

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