I'm Not Easy (( Klance Omegaverse// HS AU )) by soki_kun
I'm Not Easy (( Klance soki 🌈
Keith isn't your typical omega. Let's just say he has some discrepancies in what he feels versus what actually comes out of his mouth. And Lance has definitely proven hi...
  • shallura
  • highschool
  • fluff
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Ruby and Saphire : Voltron:LD Klance by ari-ridrake
Ruby and Saphire : Voltron:LD ri-ri
Getting horny in the middle of a long mission wasn't planned. Neither was what happened because of it. Disclaimer! I don't own Voltron, characters, or pictures used. Cre...
  • legendarydefender
  • voltron
  • keith
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My mind won't work (Klance/Langst) by Brooke1343
My mind won't work (Klance/Langst)by Brooke1343
❗️WARNING PLEASE READ❗️ Yes another Klance FanFic. This fic does have some 'triggering' content like depression, substance abuse, self harm, abuse and suicidal thoughts...
  • klancehighschoolau
  • lance
  • klance
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Voltron (Youtuber AU) by VoltronIsLife
Voltron (Youtuber AU)by JazzWazz
What happens when Keith Kogane meets his Idol, Lance Mclain? Well nothing good... Ships: Klance Shallura and Hidge NONE of these characters are mine! Neither is the cove...
  • hunk
  • lotor
  • pidge
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Look out above by skittle724
Look out aboveby Skittle724<3
I haven't... I haven't seen the sun, not in a very long long time... I remember how it felt against my skin, the heat, how it would use to blind me. I haven't seen plant...
  • moles
  • war
  • death
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My Escape From This Darkness (klance langst/fluff) by Royal_Altea
My Escape From This Darkness ( Hey sisters!
Lance McClain is a happy,joke loving,flirt but what happens when the team goes through each other's mind to find what secrets lay inside Lances memories.What happens whe...
  • pidge
  • klance
  • klangst
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Trust Me (Klance Au) by BlazingWillow
Trust Me (Klance Au)by BlazingWillow
Voltron Au Keith has an abusive father and a step mother who is hardly ever around or when she is she doesn't care for keith much. She does try to help some because she...
  • rescue
  • matt
  • shiro
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VOLTRON CRACK by PinkfluffySaM
VOLTRON CRACKby KlanceAnimeOutsiders
VOLTRON CRACK PICS (mostly klance) I'll stop when klance becomes a thing Updated everyday with memez
  • klance
  • bondage
  • allurance
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White Wind•Keith X Reader•  by BabyHandsE
White Wind•Keith X Reader• by E
[EDITED VERSION] In which you pilot the sixth, white lion.
  • vld
  • keith
  • hunk
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Langst One Shots  by tolllancey
Langst One Shots by tolllancey
[Klangst/Langst. Requests will be taken in the first chapter] Does include: Self-Harm Depressive thoughts/actions Heartbreak Suicide Suicide attempts A Failure.. A Weakl...
  • depressed
  • blacklion
  • klance
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I deserve this // Klance AU by Jenny_JuanDirection
I deserve this // Klance AUby Jenny_JuanDirection
////KLANCE//// au Lance severely depressed hired a well-known professional hitman to kill him .
  • allura
  • lance
  • keithxlance
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Everything is Gray (Langst) by BlueNightFigure
Everything is Gray (Langst)by Dat Boi <3
"Take it seriously, Lance!" "Now isn't the time, Lance!" "Do it right, Lance!" "Stop messing around!" "Will you actually pay...
  • shiro
  • keith
  • coran
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Soul Mates - Klance fanfiction {Voltron Legendary Defenders} Lance x Keith Laith by phanimaniac
Soul Mates - Klance fanfiction { phanimaniac
Lance is struggling with his sexuality in his quest to find love but the answer is right beside him. Keith has already found both these things and only has to struggle w...
  • wattys2018
  • keithkogane
  • pidge
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Spring All Year {Klance AU} by CubanSharpshooter
Spring All Year {Klance AU}by Lance McClain
A Klance AU- Keith had never struggled to keep his "special trait" under control. Until a certain new Cuban student came barging into his school.
  • fluff
  • romance
  • keith
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The flying Paladin by Elliahrose
The flying Paladinby Rose
Everyone is born with animal traits. Whether you're born with ears and a tail, or claws and fangs, everyone is born with something. The most common is to have some relat...
  • wingsau
  • wing
  • längst
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ᴘᴀᴘᴇʀᴄᴜᴛs 🏷 [ Langst ] by mijeog
ᴘᴀᴘᴇʀᴄᴜᴛs 🏷 [ Langst ]by _mijeog
  • voltron
  • klance
  • längst
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Am I Still A Goofball? || Langst  by anime_angst
Am I Still A Goofball? || Langst by ち匕丹尺 乃口ㄚ
Allura wants to have another trust exercise, but this time it's looking into there pasts. What will the paladins think of Lance's not so perfect loving family? \\Langst...
  • gaysmut
  • katieholt
  • shiro
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Don't Ask, I'll Never Tell by Sharpeyesharpshooter
Don't Ask, I'll Never Tellby Sharpeyesharpshooter
Keith is a bit off his game and the other Paladins are taking notice. Even Lance is growing concerned at his teammate's behavior.
  • galrakeith
  • voltron
  • legendarydefender
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Mend >> Shiro X Reader |ON HOLD| by threpapynedeeded
Mend >> Shiro X Reader |ON HOLD|by ⌂isa chicken nooget⌂
"No, it's not alcohol. I think it's the Altean version of apple juice." "And how the hell would you know how I'm feeling!? No one does! No one gets it!&q...
  • pidge
  • keith
  • galra
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Klance One-shots by Igotsissues
Klance One-shotsby DATONECRAZYLADY
A bunch of random goofy Klance stories. They are only meant to be funny so I'm not going to make them super heartfelt and sad. THEY ARE TO MAKE YOU LAUGH! I hope you enj...
  • lancexkeith
  • klance
  • gay
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