Chapter 11

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by DeeJAY

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by DeeJAY

You'll board
a Delta Aircraft
piloted by
Feline Society #201
so they can fly you
to Hawaii
to transfer Lahea Ikaika
from Feline Society #777,
a.k.a. the Cat Sanctuary,
over to Feline Society #337,
a.k.a. Fresno Base.

Upon return,
I will brief you,
Lahea, and Greg
on your third mission.

In the meantime
I am assigning Phoebe
and Tom
to scout the parameters
of the shoddy house
where Greg maimed
the Centaurian
to see if there are clues
for where they hid
Happy Rock.

While Greg
and our hoomans
may have failed
to recover
the garden decor,
our more savvy
feline soldiers
may unearth
Happy Rock's location.

In addition,
Philosopher Jones
brought to my cattention
discoveries in his research
into dinorex bodies
and oil reserves,
which may be drowning
hoomans in
manufactured greed.

So while you are away
at the Cat Sanctuary,
Da Philo and I will look
into the issue.

Greg and Buttercup
will temporarily take over
my beetle-slaying duties
to prevent the Fresno Base
from becoming too inundated
with Proxima Centauri B

What's that?

We haven't yet
briefed you on

Well put simply,
nanoscarabs are bright
green and turquoise beetles
who flock together
in June through August—
and lately, even longer,
given climate change's
impact on Earth—
to scare hoomans
who spend too long
reading books
and learning maths,
so hoomanity cannot
become intelligent
enough to resist
elaborate Proxima
Centauri B warfare.

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