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The Heir of the Red Sea by Mhelaney_the_writer
The Heir of the Red Seaby Mhelaney Noel
An epic poem retelling of the little mermaid.
  • fantasy
  • fairytail
  • epicpoem
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Deep Space Poetry by manofdiscord
Deep Space Poetryby H.J. Mayland
Dive into the darker part of deep space. A place that makes the idea of existence seem all the more questioning. This poetry may tread down a darker path than what peopl...
  • sciencefiction
  • poem
  • interstellar
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Damnatio Occultorum by Lisez-le-lui
Damnatio Occultorumby John the Fool
I endeavor here to put forth, as an epic poem in ninety-nine canti, the tragedy of a man who entrusts his life -- and afterlife -- to strange arts and beings, as well as...
  • iambic
  • cards
  • epicpoem
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Where am I? by SilverSword3
Where am I?by SilverSword3
A poem about solitude
  • epicpoem
  • quickread
  • shortpoem
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Storm Rising by pebblewing
Storm Risingby The PUNisher
*This was a project for English class* Storm was always in the shadows. She never was in the spotlight, nor did she want to be. But when something terrible happens, Stor...
  • fantasy
  • storm
  • elf
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Oceanstryder' poems  by Oceanstryder
Oceanstryder' poems by Oceanstryder
Some poems and thoughts I have written down.
  • art
  • creative
  • quotes
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Silver Spirit - Poetry by PoemsoftheLeftHand
Silver Spirit - Poetryby PoemsoftheLeftHand
A twelve-part poetry collection based on a true story. To be read in individual parts or as one epic. All poems are original and composed by me. Ranked #615 in Poetry (J...
  • inspiration
  • poetry
  • spiritofstlouis
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Poems ✨💕 by moonbyul_hyuna
Poems ✨💕by Wateryphan
Just a collection on some poems I'm working on
  • warpoem
  • peace
  • english
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Maxximilian The Giant by jackodyssey
Maxximilian The Giantby Jack Odyssey
This is a story about a giant who lives in a world too small for them, around people who ignore him, some even hate him but he never loses his smile in spite of it all...
  • heart-warming
  • family
  • love
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CROWLAND by songofreverie
"Oh, how she had longed to stretch her wings and soar amongst the clouds once more, not a sound to be heard but the roar of savage wind against her skull." Thi...
  • poetry
  • wings
  • poems
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American Catseye by kourtnienet
American Catseyeby Kourtnie McKenzie
Feline Society #337 directs Hooman #1 and Hooman #A on how to save the world from the Babylonian Brotherhood. Currently in-progress story. #5 Conspiracy Theory | October...
  • politicalsatire
  • politics
  • poem
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A Ballad of Five Kings by NinjaTurkey
A Ballad of Five Kingsby Jerome Song
A modern epic of heroes and war, written in verse and rhyme.
  • epic
  • epicpoem
  • heroes
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A man meets a beautiful woman on her way to end the world.
  • love
  • she-devil
  • apcolypse
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The Legend of Ados by RedEpsilon117
The Legend of Adosby RedEpsilon117
Chosen by the God Edtoros to be his holy champion, Ados must embark on several harrowing quests to rid the lands of evil while his divine protector faces mounting opposi...
  • medieval
  • epic
  • epicpoem
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The Embraced by belleferro
The Embracedby belle
A collection of romantic poems
  • embrace
  • beautiful
  • love
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The Great Flood of Tama-go by JeffMoore123
The Great Flood of Tama-goby JeffMoore123
A tale in the style of the Song of Rolland or the Epics of Emperor Wu the Engineer, tells the story of the darkest hour for the people of Tama-go, as the Great Flood wro...
  • flood
  • epicpoem
  • medieval
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Tobias Steel by deathbymosh
Tobias Steelby deathbymosh
I was asked to write a short epic poem for class and I thought I would post it on here. If it gets enough attention, I'll make it into a book. A guy named Tobias lives i...
  • epic
  • hero
  • superpowers
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Life Or Death by shinedowner4life
Life Or Deathby xTHExUNDERTAKERx
TRIGGER WARNING She faces the struggles of depression. depression does not care who you are; it will hit you when you least expect it. It is like a demon that has no mer...
  • depression
  • epicpoem
  • death
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