Chapter 27

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by Philosopher Jones

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by Philosopher Jones

Because I don't want
to worry Phoebe,
Hooman #1,
or Hooman #A,
I don't let them know
that I'm not feeling well
when they return
from their mission.

I want to tell DeeJAY
there are more important
matters than whether
they failed one or two
attempts at thwarting
Babylonians; after all,
mistakes are only meant
to teach us
what doesn't work
so in the future,
we can do better.

Now that we know
we don't have enough
manpower or cattention
to shut down
the Los Angeles base,
Lahea should
have a better idea
where to send hoomans
with a higher chance
of success.

But DeeJAY,
my apprentice,
and still a young leader,
berates them for
a supposedly tragic failure.

First they destroyed
Happy Rock!
Next they're raising
for who-knows-what
diabolical reasons,
and we can't
seem to stop them
no matter what we do.

If you're so bummed
by our lackluster performance,
why don't you do
the next mission yourself?

You invited yourself
to the trip to Los Angeles,
and now you're challenging
our commander like that?
Maybe we would've
done better
if Tom joined us
instead of you.

I'm fairly certain
I turned more lizardmen
into dust in the wind
than you managed...

Hooman #A
I thought
you were both impressive.

Hooman #1
I agree.
So please
stop cat-fighting.

Phoebe & Buttercup
But we're cats.

As much as you're sassing
with tortitude,
you may have a point;
it's time I join
hoomans on a mission,
and Tom will come with us, too.

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