Chapter 26

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by Phoebe

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by Phoebe

In the end,
through the assistance
of hooman technology,
like cellular light
and mechanical gloves,
Buttercup and I defeat
the lizardmen threatening
to slay us, but
the hooman's phones
warn us of dwindling power,
so we retreat.

Frustrated that we failed
our mission with
Hooman #1 and Hooman #A,
same as Tom
failed his mission with them
to retrieve the Happy Rock,

Buttercup and I sit together
in the backseat of the car,
brooding on the way home.

Hoomans make comments
about how Buttercup and I
never sit together,
and how cute it looks
to see us close.

Neither the torty or I
care to correct their logic.

I'm far more concerned
by the looming threat
of Babylonian control
now that they've secured
a base on the West Coast,
a place in the Supreme Court,
and the celebrity rule
of Orange Man.

We keep trying
to slow them down,
but they're too many of them
and too little of us.

While I never wanted
to believe DeeJAY was right
about the New World Order
coming online in our lifetime,
I am convinced now:

Proxima Centauri B
have everything they need
to overtake Earth,
and we did not do enough
fast enough
to stop them.

I only hope
Philosopher Jones
found a new lead
with his elderly wisdom,
or else Lahea
detected another
Babylonian base
with her internal compass:
a place we might
have a better chance
to infiltrate
and make a difference.

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