Whipped (Bad Boy Bakers)  ✓ by TahliePurvis
Whipped (Bad Boy Bakers) ✓by Tahlie
[aka. Whipped] When Sheriff's daughter, Maisie is about to lose her grandmother's bakery because no one is willing to work there, she enlists the help of four delinquent...
  • bakery
  • passthefuckingflour
  • arizona
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Once Upon A Time, I Was A Hoe by bashfulcreaturez
Once Upon A Time, I Was A Hoeby bashfulcreaturez
Amethyst came into high school with a pure mind and a set plan. She'd get good grades, make new friends, and it would be a breeze. Freshmen year, she her innocence was...
  • highschool
  • badboynextdoor
  • lovers
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My Baby's Reckless Male Mommy [HUMOR, MXM, MPREG] by Iuliawriter
My Baby's Reckless Male Mommy [ ♕ Iulia ♕
Alex is up shit creek. He bet big during an alcohol-fueled party and has lost his shirt there. The local Mafia on his tail ... or literally up his butt, he was ready to...
  • boyxboy
  • laughter
  • sarcasm
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Considerate | KTH by catchumylife
Considerate | KTHby Cat
"Just because I'm your arranged husband, doesn't mean I hate you. I just MET you. Where did you even get that logic from?" "You have no idea." *** ...
  • soft
  • fluff
  • humor
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hardcore baekhyun smut by aestheticallygoth
hardcore baekhyun smutby amnesiac
  • baekyeol
  • hardcoreaf
  • pleasedonttakethisseriouslylol
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Operation: Make the protagonist happy by irene0516
Operation: Make the protagonist soy sauce
Set in a vague world based on otome games, your mission, as the antagonist, is to make the protagonist happy. You and your posse of stereotypical good looking love inter...
  • antagonist
  • satire
  • romcom
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The Billionaire's Billionaire  ✔️ by Chogiwhynot
The Billionaire's Billionaire ✔️by Chogiwhynot
(Highest Rank: #1 in Parody, #20 in Humor) Adam is a billionaire, but he is also secretly a billionaire. Did I mention he's a billionaire? Also he's hiding a dark secre...
  • humor
  • billionaire
  • hot
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Wagwan Piffting by werosmys
Wagwan Pifftingby werosmys
Finally Finished! Act 1, Scene 1. Action. Will and George are going through some relationship drama, follow them through all of their tedious miscommunication fueled sta...
  • shipping
  • youtube
  • britishyoutubers
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Legea: The Extras by autumn_sunfire
Legea: The Extrasby Verity
There is so very much to Legea. This is a book for all the extras that belong nowhere: music, maps, poems, random lore, fun facts, the very first draft of "The Jou...
  • commentary
  • music
  • satire
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Dracula's Wife by boyband_girl
Dracula's Wifeby charmanderjin
A vampire who specifically feeds on memories eventually has a human being as a housewife.
  • satire
  • vampire
  • marriage
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C.O.A.H ⚘ PART 2 by TheChill_Pixel
C.O.A.H ⚘ PART 2by ᑕOᑕOᗩᗰIᒪK
  • gayrights
  • heterosexual
  • lgbtpride
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Peck of Gold (Gold Series #2) | DISCONTINUED by simonesaidwhat
Peck of Gold (Gold Series #2) | simone shirazi
DISCONTINUED. With a jealous former Queen for a sister and knowledge of a secret the King is keen on keeping, Czarina Tchaikovskaya's life just got a bit more complicate...
  • highschool
  • rich
  • satire
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The Egg at Dumstreet by RainerSalt
The Egg at Dumstreetby RainerSalt
[Completed] A U.S. expatriate is cast into a rainy, foggy corner of Europe. He went there on the pretense to work on his research, but he actually wanted to put as many...
  • whodunnit
  • funny
  • murdermystery
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Violent Shades of Sunshine by Dark_Writes
Violent Shades of Sunshineby Clayton Chandler
Fred has these bunny rabbits that follow him around all day. They say mean things to him. Fred hates the rabbits, but he doesn't know how to make them STFU. Drinking doe...
  • bunny
  • bunnyrabbits
  • tabitha
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Fun Facts! by GuestHu
Fun Facts!by GUEST_HU
Did you know that milk does not make your bones stronger? that Kids learn faster than adults? that sharks do not need sex anymore for reproduction? that sleep-deprived T...
  • universe
  • animals
  • biology
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Not Another Epic Fantasy by applecrisps99
Not Another Epic Fantasyby applecrisps99
In an attempt to learn Welsh, the legendary writer stuff-i-wrote combines ill-fitting dialogue and and questionable plot points with the characters and creatures of Wels...
  • dragon
  • cymru
  • welsh
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The Nifty Little Mormon Trick (McPriceley) by UniqueTwists
The Nifty Little Mormon Trick ( UniqueTwists
On their way to gather followers for The Book of Arnold, Elder Price and Elder McKinley's plane crashes, leaving them stranded on an island populated by dangerous native...
  • satire
  • thebookofmormon
  • comedy
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Self Control? Overrated! (Completed ✔) by SkyWhitehorse
Self Control? Overrated! ( Sky Whitehorse
Highest ranking on the 'What's Hot' list thus far #232 in humor. ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ "Jayden," my friend Dylan said as we stood around in the commons before the bell ra...
  • jokes
  • arrested
  • funny
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Hot Like Ice | NaNoWriMo2018 by Hubrism
Hot Like Ice | NaNoWriMo2018by Marianna Leal
((Updates every Tuesday & Friday)) Carlota Bernal is lucky to go by the name of Charlie. It'll make it easier when her dad enrolls her in an all boys boarding school in...
  • mariagabrieladefaria
  • diversity
  • teenromance
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dan's declassified fic survival guide //phan by -originofsymmetry
dan's declassified fic survival l8r h8r (งツ)ว
1. You signed up for a stupid service via a spam email and now an ominous figure called The Writer has total control of your life. Whatever they write becomes real - no...
  • danisnotonfire
  • danhowell
  • phillester
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