Chapter 9

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by DeeJAY

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by DeeJAY

While I'm happy
you've returned to
Feline Society #337,
Tom tells me
you did not
acquire Happy Rock.

This will makes
things difficult.

We intended
to subdue the lizardmen
of Proxima Centauri B
by countering
the soul-crushing hatred
emanated by
their current leader,
Orange Man,
through the uplifting
powers of Happy Rock;
and it also is enchanted
with a powerful compass.

But not all is lost!
We may yet find
another energy source
for happiness, as well
as a strong internal
compass in a kitten.

to save the world
from the lizardmen
of Babylonian Brotherhood,
we must send you,
hoomans of
Feline Society #337,

to Maui to pick up
your seventh and final
feline guardian:
Lahea Ikaika.

Her tabby prowess,
combined with us
other six cats,
myself—DeeJAY the Slayer,
Phoebe, the One and Only Bengal,
Greg, Fierce Tabby,
Major Tom,
Buttercup the Sassy,
and Philosopher Jones,

will prepare us for
locating and defeating
the lizard-base
Orange Man
keeps on the West Coast.

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