Chapter 4

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by DeeJAY

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by DeeJAY

it's come to my cattention
our One & Only Bengal
has no filter;

so now that you know
about Feline Societies
chucking big rocks
at Earth
to save the future
from dinorexes
sent by Proxima Centauri B...

And you also know
we've tried to tell
hoomans about dinorexes
and Babylonians
through a hooman
representative before...

We may as well
let all the cats
out of the bags
and explain some of the
conspiracy theories
on the table here:

The stories of
the lizardmen started
by hoomans guided
by Feline Society #201.

Or they're started
my misinformation lizards
in the icy tundras of Russia...
to confuse the real stories.

You must discern
the truth from the lies.

For example,
climate change
is the reptilian response
of burning oil
through exploitative markets,
after they became upset
by the rock we may
or may not
have chucked at the planet
to murder
valuable alien dinorexes;
but you might not believe
climate change is real
because of misinformation.

In Feline Society #337,
we also has hoomans—
Hooman #1
as well as Hooman #A—
to help us do our best
to protect other hoomans
from lizards and rocks
as we try to solve
DNA for thumbs
and preserve hoomanity.

And we compile
these documents
so you understand
the situation better.

In our off time,
we also run
an online business
which is easy for felines
since the Internet
is a virtual space ruled by cats.

Now that you know
about us
and Babylonian Brotherhood,
we can commence...

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