Chapter 33

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by Tom

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by Tom

Since Lahea found
the lizardman ping
on Philosopher Jones' monitor,
we've reassembled
into teams to address
the Babylonian threat.

Philosopher Jones
will lead our intelligence team:
Lahea Ikaika,
Buttercup, and Phoebe,
the One and Only Bengal.
They'll continue observing
data as it streams into
our computer systems.

DeeJAY will take an airplane
to Las Vegas, the City of Sin,
to conduct early reconnaissance.

Gregory and I, Major Tom,
will also travel
to the twinkling city
in the distant desert,
beyond the Joshua trees,
and into unholy night,
only we'll travel
in a private car
on a train
with Hooman #A.

I am secretly excited
to travel with Hooman #A
because he is my chosen hooman.

Hooman #1 is DeeJAY's hooman,
so I'm not sure why
she isn't traveling
on the plane with him,
but when I ask,
our Commander mutters
something about Hooman #1
taking care of our elder,
Philosopher Jones.

As I try to make sense
of DeeJAY's explanation,
Greg says
he doesn't mind
traveling with either hooman.
In the end, Greg claims,
all good hoomans are good
and all okay hoomans are okay,
just in different ways
and different times of the day.

He also says
I'm more scared than excited
and he's probably right.

I'm more scared
than excited
about lots of things.

That doesn't mean
I'm not excited to go, though.

I'm especially looking forward
to the Vegas shark aquarium
in the Mandalay Bay.
I read about a restaurant
near the palace of fish
that serves a grilled dish
of ever-elusive and tasty octopus.

I rub on Hooman #A's leg,
meowing about hunger,
while he rolls
a cat-print suitcase
to the front door.

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