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Khari of the Wild Dogs (Prides of the Sunland # 1) by ZonaGirl2018
Khari of the Wild Dogs (Prides ZonaGirl2018
A lioness gives birth to a premature cub the night her pride is taken over by a new lead male (bwana). She escapes and raises the cub on her own, but after she is killed...
Return to the Clan (Prides of the Sunland #2) by ZonaGirl2018
Return to the Clan (Prides of ZonaGirl2018
Khari, the lion raised by wild dogs, has gone to live among his own kind. But just because he is now among other lions doesn't mean his life has gotten any easier. Life...
The Black Omen Revised - Lost Legacy by evi1wizard
The Black Omen Revised - Lost evi1wizard
hi hi !! i havent really posted anything to wattpad in a while, but i randomly wanted to rewrite my old fan clan story, the black omen for some reason! so here i am...
American Catseye by kourtnienet
American Catseyeby Kourtnie McKenzie
Wattys 2019 Poetry Winner | #1 Epic Poem January 2020 | #1 Epic Poem June 2019 | #1 Americana Nov 2019 & Feb 2021 | Meowza! #1 Animal Fiction Mar 2021 | Seven cats live...
Wolves of Cecila: The Curse of Time by Mylkzi
Wolves of Cecila: The Curse of Timeby Z
WOLVES OF CECILA: BOOK ONE (Includes drawings of characters in each chapter!) In Cecila, there are Three Kingdoms ruled by the mighty, magic-wielding Kingdom Wolves- the...
Eyeseffendee by Loups_Rouges
Eyeseffendeeby Howdy ✨
"The feeling of isolation is enough to keep me company." •The First Book of the Eyeseffendee Series• In the Sonoran desert, being alone is a death sentence. Go...
THE WATERFALL PACKS by Yorkiesandcatss
Rock Pack, Mountain Pack, Lake Pack, Meadow Pack, and Wood pack. Long ago, there was one pack. Waterfall Pack. But the leadership was unstable, and the pack fell apart o...
The Roar of Thunder by Hinnyshipper128
The Roar of Thunderby Hinnyshipper128
(Sequel to The Flaring Sun) Thunder is a young, carefree lion with big muscles and big ambitions. His mother's a clan hero and his father is clan deputy, so where does t...
Bud and Monk by BreezeyFreezey
Bud and Monkby {WEBTOON FAN}
An story about a Dog trying to find someone to spend Christmas with, ever since his lost. Meeting a monkey in the middle of a city is pretty rare, but this dog met on...
Sons of Mau by KeyboardQuill
Sons of Mauby KeyboardQuill
A young cat receives his grandfather's responsibility by swallowing an ancient artifact.
Snowshade and Lucifer by Milk_Child
Snowshade and Luciferby ~Psycho~
Snowshade is a beautiful Husky with snowy blue eyes. She walks into a street on a dimly lit night and gets hit by a car. At the vet, she meets a Yorkie named Lucifer. Lu...
Nine Lives (on hold) by fandomsfeelsandcrap
Nine Lives (on hold)by Taco Cat
"A cat has nine lives, For three he plays, For three he strays, And for the last three he stays." This is about a cats nine different lives, and yes, deaths a...
From a Dolphin's Eyes by splove923
From a Dolphin's Eyesby San-Pei Lee
A dolphin's life story in the hands of human impact.
Warriors: Dark Secrets (Fan Fiction) by waterfallshine
Warriors: Dark Secrets (Fan waterfallshine
EchoFlame has been keeping a secret for many moons. For anyone to know that he isn't son of Riverpelt was bad enough, but for them to know he wasn't even warrior blood...
Broken Ties by Spicy_Chai
Broken Tiesby Spicy Chai
Chai is a young cat who is willing to help her pride, the Pine Forest pride, with the best of her ability. But when her leader becomes corrupt and cruel, it's up to her...
Shatter Me by buythestars-
Shatter Meby Ashley
What happens when your whole world threatens to tip on it's axis and destroy everything you hold near and dear? [A n i m a l f i c t i o n] ✕✕✕✕✕✕✕✕✕✕✕✕✕✕✕✕✕✕✕✕ [f u l...
Swift Like The River by Ostriclipse
Swift Like The Riverby JonnaMae
This story is written by the perspective of a fox named River. who lives in the woods with her mother and uncle and falls in love with the quiet young fox across the the...
Empires of the Undergrowth  by adityajadhav9881
Empires of the Undergrowth by adityajadhav9881
Beneath the thatch of spruce needles, lies a vast sprawling empire. Masters of war, talented architects, cattle herders and farmers, able to erect elaborate city-states...
Keepers|Book One by WritersEssentials
Keepers|Book Oneby Kristen Rafferty
Every year on the edge of Winter, the Wolves of Ainu gather to usher in new life and reflect on the previous year. But this year is different. A pup has been born with a...
SPIRIT: A Lion King Tale by KayBunnyMeh
SPIRIT: A Lion King Taleby KayBunnyMeh
This tale is the continuation of The Lion King. In Africa shortly after the events of Scar and the hyenas demise, Nala & Simba's first born Karishma is birthed. Later in...