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Wolves of Cecila: The Curse of Time by MilkywolfZ
Wolves of Cecila: The Curse of Timeby Z
WOLVES OF CECILA: BOOK ONE (Includes drawings of characters in each chapter!) In Cecila, there are Three Kingdoms ruled by the mighty, magic-wielding Kingdom Wolves- the...
  • originalcharacter
  • fun
  • highschool
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Swift Like The River by Ostriclipse
Swift Like The Riverby JonnaMae
This story is written by the perspective of a fox named River. who lives in the woods with her mother and uncle and falls in love with the quiet young fox across the the...
  • animalperspective
  • riverthefox
  • fox
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Warriors: Dark Secrets (Fan Fiction) by waterfallshine
Warriors: Dark Secrets (Fan waterfallshine
EchoFlame has been keeping a secret for many moons. For anyone to know that he isn't son of Riverpelt was bad enough, but for them to know he wasn't even warrior blood...
  • warriors
  • fanfiction
  • drama
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eventide | the divide | original by nebula-pathway
eventide | the divide | originalby crouching sounds
powerhungry. bloodthirsty. malicious. words describing these saints should not be passed among the streets, unless you beg for your head to be sliced clean from your so...
  • original
  • animalfiction
  • eventide
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Trial by Fire by Aspiring_Historian
Trial by Fireby Aspiring_Historian
WARNING: Mysterious 'Therian' Pandemic Affecting Teens Worldwide -July 10, 2020- ~Lauren Evans A sudden outbreak of a potential disease called 'Therianthropy'...
  • animals
  • animalfiction
  • horse
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One Step Farther by reasons10
One Step Fartherby Reasons 10
Anne has gone through a lot over the past two years, such as moving to West Africa. When she discovers a baby elephant that has been mutated by a group of rogue scientis...
  • adventure
  • action
  • science
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From a Dolphin's Eyes by splove923
From a Dolphin's Eyesby San-Pei Lee
A dolphin's life story in the hands of human impact.
  • animalfiction
  • planetorplastic
  • plasticpollution
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WARRIORS: Fernleaf's Legacy by ArtsyAnticS1324
WARRIORS: Fernleaf's Legacyby ArtsyAnticS1324
A Prophecy Untold... As a Mystery Unfolds... Fernleaf is ThunderClan's new medicine cat after her mentor, Sunspark, moved into the elder's den. Now as Leaf-bare approach...
  • animalfiction
  • warriors
  • legacy
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TECNO-BUNNY by Redtrack
TECNO-BUNNYby Oni Muhammad abiola
Sammy is a Prince who was always bent on helping people like his parents. But after he loses his village in a great fire, he left for the city with the hope to survive...
  • animalfiction
  • family
  • hero
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American Catseye by kourtnienet
American Catseyeby Kourtnie McKenzie
Feline Society #337 directs Hooman #1 and Hooman #A on how to save the world from the Babylonian Brotherhood. Currently in-progress story. #5 Conspiracy Theory | October...
  • poetry
  • catfiction
  • humor
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Alone by Thornshade412
Aloneby Thornshade412
Loki Cold is a student at the Asreion Magic Institution - where selected creatures with unique magic were invited to study. As the smallest (and probably most unorganize...
  • dragon
  • magic
  • ferret
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Shatter Me by buythestars-
Shatter Meby Ashley
What happens when your whole world threatens to tip on it's axis and destroy everything you hold near and dear? [A n i m a l f i c t i o n] ✕✕✕✕✕✕✕✕✕✕✕✕✕✕✕✕✕✕✕✕ [f u l...
  • teenfiction
  • wolf
  • fiction
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Path to the Stars by Kumoreki
Path to the Starsby Kumoreki
I didn't know what to name this soooo. My first story. Enjoy
  • animalfiction
  • friendship
Broken Ties by Spicy_Chai
Broken Tiesby Spicy Chai
Chai is a young cat who is willing to help her pride, the Pine Forest pride, with the best of her ability. But when her leader becomes corrupt and cruel, it's up to her...
  • fiction
  • animalfiction
  • adventure
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Nine Lives (on hold) by fandomsfeelsandcrap
Nine Lives (on hold)by Taco Cat
"A cat has nine lives, For three he plays, For three he strays, And for the last three he stays." This is about a cats nine different lives, and yes, deaths a...
  • living
  • animalfiction
  • cats
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Bud and Monk by BreezeyFreezey
Bud and Monkby {WEBTOON FAN}
An story about a Dog trying to find someone to spend Christmas with, ever since his lost. Meeting a monkey in the middle of a city is pretty rare, but this dog met on...
  • animals
  • animalfiction
  • family
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The Dog Point of View by Renee-Jensen
The Dog Point of Viewby Renee-Jensen
Jack the dog is new to a family. Not only does he have humans, but Jack also has two cats. Since there are cats, it's trouble time!!
  • dogs
  • loveadog
  • blackchow
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Dark Dream / A Wolf Novel / Book 1 by Lunaritha
Dark Dream / A Wolf Novel / Book 1by Lunaritha
Kanadi is the lowest rank subdominant in the Sunenzi pack. Not even her own parents treat her equally. No one such as tilts their ears when Kanadi warns them about her n...
  • animalfiction
  • wolves
  • wolffantasy
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Sons of Mau by KeyboardQuill
Sons of Mauby KeyboardQuill
A young cat receives his grandfather's responsibility by swallowing an ancient artifact.
  • gods
  • cats
  • fantasy
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Keepers|Book One by WritersEssentials
Keepers|Book Oneby Kristen Rafferty
Every year on the edge of Winter, the Wolves of Ainu gather to usher in new life and reflect on the previous year. But this year is different. A pup has been born with a...
  • prophecy
  • bookseries
  • animals
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