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Face Claims by -crystalreed
Face Claimsby ❛ velvet. ❜
new fresh faces. different races. with recommendations of character cases. started: november 2015
  • movies
  • super
  • halsey
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peaches ; cth+afi  ✓ by jineating
peaches ; cth+afi ✓by glitter
peach (n) : a round, sweet fruit that has white or yellow flesh, soft yellow or pink skin, and a large, hard seed at the center
  • good
  • calum
  • americana
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Oakwood Grange by Pyrography
Oakwood Grangeby Rhón
It's 1860, and after a childhood spent on the grueling frontier of the Old West, Mae Clemens has finally found a place that feels like home. Wanting nothing more than to...
  • trickster
  • folklore
  • mythology
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Danny and I Survived by rarestonestories
Danny and I Survivedby rarestonestories
Danny was just a counselor and I was just a bored camper. Everyone in the camp died except us. Then we went into town and everyone there was dead too. Now everywhere...
  • camp
  • post-apocalyptic
  • angst
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World Ending War by christiany914
World Ending Warby YCP1029
When World War I started, it was fought between the great countries of our world. Britain, France, Russia, Italy and the United States against Germany, Austria, and Bulg...
  • talons
  • worldwariii
  • skullhawks
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I Miss Johnny Cash by raggedclown
I Miss Johnny Cashby raggedclown
  • americana
  • cash
  • poetry
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RED & BLUE // jalsey by iusedtobetaller
RED & BLUE // jalseyby it me
"You were RED, and you liked me because I was BLUE" Cover by @acompletestranger
  • badlands
  • halsey
  • americana
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Long Story Short by nembow
Long Story Shortby Natalie Bowers
Long Story Short is a collection of short, short stories written for the 21st Century attention span. Featuring police chases and polish shops, romance gone wrong and ro...
  • parenting
  • historical
  • romance
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Strange Days by migraineboys
Strange Daysby oliver
Elliot is staying with his older sister in his parents' new home, and Jasper is renting a house with his best friend in the same town. The town appears to be a normal, s...
  • gay
  • transgenderman
  • horror
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Opposite poles-Byun Baekhyun by BelleDean01
Opposite poles-Byun Baekhyunby Isabella zavarce
Un nuevo comienzo. Un nuevo país. Una nueva cultura. Dos tipos diferente de personas. Y quien sabe una nueva historia de amor
  • fanficion
  • diferentesculturas
  • exo
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Silver and Gold by annepcollini
Silver and Goldby Anne Collini
Sterling was a southern schemer, looking for that pot of gold . . .
  • americana
  • crime
  • historical
Broadhurst by AEDarrowby
Broadhurstby A.E. Darrowby
525 Words. Opening paragraph: "Lying on his right side upon the porch boards, Broadhurst, as best he could manage, propped himself up with his left arm; and then cr...
  • short
  • pioneer
  • americana
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Millicent Get Your Gun by AEDarrowby
Millicent Get Your Gunby A.E. Darrowby
Spinster schoolteacher Millicent is alone on the family farm - her parents being away at the 1912 Republican convention - when a well-featured, hatless salesman appears...
  • historical
  • drama
  • humor
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Americana Gothic by hannahfire123
Americana Gothicby Hannah
Random americana gothic drabbles
  • gothic
  • horror
  • americana
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Achieving Serenity by ExtraNoise
Achieving Serenityby Rick Pierce
Part Three of The Chronology Division series. A nuclear blast destroys Los Angeles in 1973, kicking off a world-wide exchange that devastates the planet. It's up to Meli...
  • adventure
  • mystery
  • crime
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What's in the Desert? by Jesitbh
What's in the Desert?by Jesi
What's in the Desert is a visual trip of what's in the desert. Explore the gas station, the biker's bar, and the empty artist.
  • americana
  • bikers
  • travel
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There's Something in the Water... by EMWebb
There's Something in the EMWebb
two fishermen in the San Francisco bay pull a very frightened convict out of the water...
  • americana
  • fishing
  • chalkthesun
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Ballad of a Transplant by HSFawks
Ballad of a Transplantby HSFawks
A poem about how coming of age can mean coming apart. A look at the pieces.
  • gothic
  • friendship
  • americana
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My ghost where'd u go (halsey fanfic) by ghrenn
My ghost where'd u go (halsey ghrenn
Where did u go
  • frangipane
  • americana
  • halsey
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