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Tales of Repatriation by imakespots
Tales of Repatriationby Rebecca Chandler
Rebecca Chandler is a serial American expat who is forced to move home to Los Angeles after things go wrong during the COVID pandemic. Rebecca returns to America immed...
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American Catseye by kourtnienet
American Catseyeby Kourtnie McKenzie
Wattys 2019 Poetry Winner | #1 Epic Poem January 20 | #1 Epic Poem June 19 | #1 Americana Nov 19 | Seven cats live in Feline Society #337, along with Hooman #1 and Hoom...
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Finding Felicity by CKArceneauxLeger
Finding Felicityby C. K. Leger
Felicity has spent the last five years running from everyone. Her family. Herself. Her God. Using her talent for dance in the Las Vegas clubs, she thinks God will never...
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Oakwood Grange by Pyrography
Oakwood Grangeby Rhón
It's 1860, and after a childhood spent on the grueling frontier of the Old West, Mae Clemens has finally found a place that feels like home. Wanting nothing more than to...
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peaches ; cth+afi  ✓ by jineating
peaches ; cth+afi ✓by glitter
peach (n) : a round, sweet fruit that has white or yellow flesh, soft yellow or pink skin, and a large, hard seed at the center
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t h e i r   w o r l d ✨ by rayofsun1501
t h e i r w o r l d ✨by rayofsun1501
the charismatic n y m p h e t the altruistic n e i g h b o r what could possibly go wrong in t h e i r w o r l d?
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New Americana (Halsey Fanfic) by Summers13
New Americana (Halsey Fanfic)by Summers13
It's up to me now to lead them to freedom. It's up to me to bring peace back to this miserable and corrupted world. Let's hope I can do it and make it out alive. There a...
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Solo Assignment by ExtraNoise
Solo Assignmentby Rick Pierce
Part One of The Chronology Division series. Melissa Santiago, one of Interpol's most promising young officers, is given a near-impossible assignment: track down an unkno...
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A Merlin In America by PoorLazarus
A Merlin In Americaby Poor Lazarus
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Achieving Serenity by ExtraNoise
Achieving Serenityby Rick Pierce
Part Three of The Chronology Division series. A nuclear blast destroys Los Angeles in 1973, kicking off a world-wide exchange that devastates the planet. It's up to Meli...
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Broadhurst by AEDarrowby
Broadhurstby A.E. Darrowby
525 Words. Opening paragraph: "Lying on his right side upon the porch boards, Broadhurst, as best he could manage, propped himself up with his left arm; and then cr...
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Silver and Gold by annepcollini
Silver and Goldby Anne Collini
Sterling was a southern schemer, looking for that pot of gold . . .
Saint Palisade's by aqtjoonie
Saint Palisade'sby 𝘤𝘢𝘮
❝I can't believe you have to wear designer when you murder people.❞ Congratulations, Mr. Benjamin Kligg! We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted to Sain...
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New Americana by heartbreaker1470
New Americanaby Elsie Vance
15 year old, Ashley Jenkins and her group of friends want to explore America. One day, they all decide to pack and hit the road without parents knowing about their where...
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Princesa Mormona by YellowTinkerbell
Princesa Mormonaby Melissa
Lucía es una joven estadounidense proveniente de una familia mormona en Utah. Desde la niñez sintió que no encajaba en las tradiciones de la familia por lo que se refugi...
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The Unveiling by eeee00
The Unveilingby Edith (Eden) Barbara
Dusty, throwback short story set mostly in a sleepy Arizona town. This short story centers on a protagonist who has bigger dreams for her life than her hometown can prov...
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World Ending War by christiany914
World Ending Warby YCP1029
When World War I started, it was fought between the great countries of our world. Britain, France, Russia, Italy and the United States against Germany, Austria, and Bulg...
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