Chapter 28

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I mentioned earlierhow I am not feeling wellbut keeping it to myself

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I mentioned earlier
how I am not feeling well
but keeping it to myself.

When the other cats nap,
and I'm alone
with Hooman #1
in her lap
in a squeaky computer chair
in a living room
full of computers,
I tell her I am tired.

Hooman #A
Philo, we should take you
to the vet for a check-up...

Philosopher Jones
I know, but
I don't want to go.

We sit in silence,
both knowing
neither of us want bad
news, yet unable
to pretend my body
doesn't hurt.

When Hooman #A
comes into the living room
slash command center,
asking if
we're coming to bed,
Hooman #1 asks him
if he could schedule
a vet visit for tomorrow.

That night,
as Hooman #A snores
and Hooman #1
holds me close,
the pain in my bones
transcends chronic ache
through a fiery hurt
into a quiet space
outside my body
where I philosophize
we are one
and everything is beautiful.

I sleep
in dreams
as kind as the richest
joy I've known this life,
drooling on Human #1's arm.

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