Chapter 16

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by DeeJAY

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by DeeJAY

Lahea's determined
the algorithm we need
to find the California lair
of the Babylonians.
If we run this formula
against Google's big data,
we can bring up
the coordinates
of Orange Man's
West Coast Center,
even as they
move around.

Hooman #1:
They move?

When does a lizard hold still?

Hooman #A:
Sounds like a riddle.

It's more like a rule.

I scratch
a mosquito bite
on the inside of my nose
as Philosopher Jones
picks up where
I left off.

Philosopher Jones:
Happy Rock is
a compass that can
similarly reveal their
whereabouts; but
Lahea's ingenuity
works just as well.

Thanks, Elder!

Lahea squeaks with joy
from the other side
of our living room
before exchanging
a paw bump
with Greg
and his jingly bling.
Then Lahea perks up.

But Philosopher Jones,
you're the smartest one;
you found
the perfect hoomans
for our mission.

She gives the hoomans
a thumbs up
with her thumb-enabled
paw tech,
which I'm not sure
the hoomans will
ever get used to seeing.

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