Chapter 21

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by Phoebe

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by Phoebe

Deep in the warehouse,
we find piles of heads
pulled from Lego men,
Barbie dolls,
and wooden
in heaps that surround
a beheaded
man-sized statue
reminiscent of ancient
Roman gods.

Buttercup and I
jump up on the shoulders
of the statue,
curling into
our ball-and-head poses,
our cattails and paws
tucked beneath us:
the better to conserve energy.

Hooman #1
What is all this?

Hooman #A
The next bad dream
I'm going to have...

Lizardchildren learn
to decapitate hoomans
using dolls.
So they may be
breeding here.

Don't human kids
do this sometimes?

Hooman #A
Psychopaths, maybe.

"Or half hooman,
half-lizardmen children...

Hooman #1
That's a thing?

not only is it "a thing,"
it's relatively common.

Hooman #1
Can you do me a favor
and spare the finger quotes
with those gloves?
They're freaky enough
without you using them

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