chapter one

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Tuesday 8:30pm

you: hi?

(02) 916-9191: Thank you for sharing. It might take a while to assign you with someone.

you: well i can just die right away but okay.

(02) 916-9191: Thank you for waiting at this tough moment, my name is Jxxg Hxxexk and you matter to me. Would you be comfortable with sharing me your name?

you: i'm existential crisis, nice to meet you.

(02) 916-9191: hey existential crisis, you can call me hobi (°▽°)

you: hello hobi, that kind of sound similar and oh i kinda wanna die

(02) 916-9191: wHAT DONT DIE

(02) 916-9191: im heRE NOW

you: i thought you were hobi

(02) 916-9191: i— i am

(02) 916-9191: why do you wanna die :-(

you: because i'm depressed

(02) 916-9191: why?

you: well

you: life sucks

you: my parents...they don't support me in anything i do

you: my friends....i don't even have friends

you: and i just want to stop existing

you: i sound like a loser im sorry

(02) 916-9191: me too

you: what

(02) 916-9191: i'm a loser too

you: that really doesn't help

(02) 916-9191: um um sO how was your day? :-)


(02) 916-9191: wow what a mood

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(02) 916-9191: wow what a mood

(02) 916-9191: wAiT NO I MEANT IM SORRY

you: lmao

(02) 916-9191: you know my friend once told me that even if you feel like crap now, you'll still feel like crap after..wait no that's not right.

(02) 916-9191: if you don't mind me asking, how old are you?

you: 56

(02) 916-9191: what

you: what

(02) 916-9191: i didn't know

(02) 916-9191: you were this old

(02) 916-9191: madam

you: i'm kidding, i'm 20 turning 21 in about 3 days

you: but no one really cares so im calling this hotline up before i kms

(02) 916-9191: nO

(02) 916-9191: you've lived 21 years on this planet, i'm sure you can live up to 56 years as well.

you: so you want me to live?

(02) 916-9191: yes

you: then die at age 56

you: that's greaaaaaat

you: i'm going to plan my funeral party now, bye

(02) 916-9191: nOOOOOOOOOOOO

you: yes

(02) 916-9191: but you matter to me :-(

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