chapter thirty five (FINAL)

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thursday 5:02pm

hoseok: hi change of plans...i'll come over to you instead :)

you: oh? i was already getting ready to head out... are you coming to my house? do you even know where i live?

hoseok: oh right... I don't, I didn't think about that clearly

hoseok: what's your address?

you: well isn't that quite personal

hoseok: come onnn hyejin, we've be friends for a long time

you: alright alright

Hyejin's POV

That was a sudden change of plans, I thought. I wonder what he wants to tell me...

I laid on my bed, thinking of all the possibilities that Hoseok could be saying to me. After all, I did become close friends with one of the members from the biggest boy band in the world.

The thought of him made me smile, if it weren't for his idiotic yet funny reply I wouldn't have wanted to text him again. I guess I thought it was impossible to have ever come across an idol and have him fall in love with me, because it still is.

No matter what he says or feels about me shouldn't matter right? I'm lucked out.


I get a message, it's Ara asking me about Hoseok.

thursday 5:15pm

ara: hey, have u met him yet? update me!!!!

you: no...he said he'd come over to my house to talk so i'm waiting

ara: hyejin...u know what that means rite?

you: he loves to travel

ara: ._.

ara: ure absolutely clueless

you: hey what's that supposed to mean :(

ara: he likes you so much he would travel for u!!!!

you: well im not too sure about that yet until he says it...assuming things just makes me delusional

ara: be delusional then ^_^

you: ??? not the point

ara: do you like hoseok? like like him, not just like a friend or a brother or a cousin or a long lost classmate but like him for as he is

you: i like him

you: i like him so much ara.

Hoseok's POV

I asked my driver to quickly make his way to the address that Hyejin sent me. It was about a 30 minute ride there, enough time to calm myself down.

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