chapter thirty four

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thursday 12:32am

hoseok: hyejin?

hoseok: are u asleep :(

hoseok: ..i'm guessing you are, good night then💜

thursday 7:30am

me: good morning! im so sorry, i fell asleep :(

me: and wow...didn't know you were so smooth jeez

hoseok: good morning!:-) it's okay hyejin

me: so...

hoseok: so?

me: um

me: what are we right now

hoseok: human?

me: no i meant like

me: what's our relationship? are we friends? more than friends?

hoseok: i don't know...
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Hyejin's POV

At this point, I didn't know what to feel. Hoseok seemed all flirty and sweet last night...morning, I don't know a few hours ago. Was he just playing with my feelings now?

He doesn't know what we are now, not even a "let me think about it" text.

Maybe I wasted my time, and his too.

thursday 4:56pm

hoseok: hey

hoseok: are you free tmr?

me: yeah why

hoseok: oh good :-)

hoseok: 3 o'clock, meet me at myeongdong street, i have something to tell you

me: isn't it crowded there always? won't you get recognised

hoseok: it'll be fine, i have my ways.

hoseok: just promise me you'll come :-)

me: alright...

me: see you

Hoseok's POV

When Hyejin told me she felt the same way, I was ecstatic. It's been 9 months since we first talked and she finally likes me back. I shared the news with the boys earlier in the afternoon, and they were happy for me.

I wanted to plan something though, something special and meaningful for Hyejin. To tell everyone that she was officially my girlfriend. Maybe not to the public just yet.

"Hyung, you really sure it's going to go well in such short notice?" Jimin asked, as he was pumping up the balloons with the helium tank.

"I'm sure, the effort is what matters right?" I answered, to which he stayed silent.


"Uh yeah maybe, last time i had a girlfriend was in highschool...." He replied while turning away from me.

The plan was to surprise Hyejin with a mini proposal asking her to be my girlfriend. And by "mini" i meant large ballons that spelt out her name and a banner asking her to be my one and only. Nothing too special. I think.

"Hoseok, I think it's too obvious." Yoongi approached me while I was constructing the banner.

"You think? I thought it would be cute..."

"You're gonna get recognised, and it's really cheesy...why not just sing to her? At our house or somewhere only you guys know."

"You know what...maybe I'll just do that instead. Thanks." I replied.

thursday 5:02pm

hoseok: hi change of plans...i'll come over to you instead :)

author's note: hello! long time no update haha~ i was going to officially stop updating but i feel bad leaving yall hanging

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author's note: hello! long time no update haha~ i was going to officially stop updating but i feel bad leaving yall hanging. i willll be finishing up this story soon, however there will be lots of unanswered questions in the plot maybe (at least thats what i feel) feel free to ask questions! :) love yall, hope everyone is doing well during a world crisis...sending all my love to everyone💞💞💞

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