chapter two

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Tuesday 8:36pm

you: um you barely know me

(02) 916-9191: weLL i thought that it would at least make you feel less crappier about yourself

you: jokes on you i don't feel anything

(02) 916-9191: wow i have no chance huh

(02) 916-9191: are you a legal adult or just a 12 year old going through puberty?

you: you'll never know after i jump off a cliff

(02) 916-9191: doNT IM SORRY PLEASE NO

you: i am sad

you: like really sad

you: too sad to even function actually

you: i don't think anyone genuinely cares about me

you: good grades means nothing to me if i'm not making anyone proud

you: people hate me... i think, i don't know, i just assume because i hate myself

(02) 916-9191: noooo i don't think they hate you

(02) 916-9191: and i think you're great

you: are you sure you're not getting paid to do this?

(02) 916-9191: what no of course not

(02) 916-9191: i'd never want to get paid to make someone feel better about themselves, i just do it because i want to, genuinely.

(02) 916-9191: and don't say that your life suck or anything, good things will come to good people.

you: that's real nice of you, but i'm trash

you: even my dog gets more affection than i do, that just shows how pathetic i am

(02) 916-9191: is there anything that has kept you going even though you feel all these negative things?

you: it's this boy band group.

(02) 916-9191: which one?

you: bts

(02) 916-9191: yoU KNOW BTS? oMgdsjhhshs

you: yeah, i mean like they're like worldwide icons

(02) 916-9191: really?

(02) 916-9191: i think they're pretty dang cool

you: they are

(02) 916-9191: who's your bias? ;-)

you: are you trying to distract me from killing myself?

(02) 916-9191: uh maybe

you: because it's working

(02) 916-9191: yes yes that's great

(02) 916-9191: so who is it?

you: someone who cheers up every member in any way possible, well from what i see from the videos of him of course

(02) 916-9191: jimin?

you: no, hoseok

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