chapter nineteen

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Tuesday 11:42am

you: ahhh no you don't

hyukbin: jk, i don't want you think of me that way hahH nOoo i'm not a fudgeboi :(

hyukbin: i just thought it be great of help from you if you taught me a little bit in math, because...i suck at math

you: oh i see

you: then i guess it'll be fine

hyukbin: really? :D

you: yeah

you: where and what time are we meeting?

hyukbin: um how about around 6pm? at the local library

hyukbin: we can even get some dinner after haha, my treat? :)

you: i wanna say no because i'm socially awkward but since it's a treat then yes i guess

hyukbin: coolio


"What did I just agree to oh my god."

As I reached home just in time to when Mom and Dad were having lunch together at the dining table, I sat down with them too.

"Hyejin, do you know where Ji Soo went yesterday?" She questioned.

"No clue, she just told me to tell you that she went out last night."

"You didn't tell me that though but nevermind it's fine. Want to join us for lunch? You haven't been coming down to eat in a while."

"Sure." I said while putting aside my bag on the sofa nearby, avoiding any more questioning.

The food was good, it's been a while since I've had a home cooked meal. College took up a lot of my free time, so I usually had to eat take-out or live on the snacks in my room.

"Hyejin, you alright? You look like you did something wrong, which you don't have to feel because you did nothing wrong." Dad finally speaks up after his many bites of the carbonara pasta he was eating.

"Oh um nothing, just distracted with something. It's not important."

What the hell do I wear for later.

Tuesday 1:30pm

ji soo: did mom ask where i was?

you: yeah

you: she seemed worried

ji soo: why is she, she has you 🙄

you: what is that supposed to mean

ji soo: don't act stupid

ji soo: even if you're adopted or whatever we all know that mom likes you better than me

you: i didn't know

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