chapter thirteen

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Sunday 1:05pm

you: what

you: oh yeah hoseok, showering is soO fun

hoseok: welcome back

hoseok: what are you doing now?

you: studying

hoseok: what subject?

you: history of korea

hoseok: ooo must be hard

hoseok: you should ask namjoon for help, he's the sexy brain in our group

you: sexy brain?

hoseok: it's his nickname for being the smartest in the group eheh ....yeah we're bad at making names

you: don't tell me that his iq is like 140 or something

hoseok:'s 148 though

you: no way

hoseok: you can ask him for yourself

you: right, it's that easy to ask a worldwide pHENOMENONaL pOPSTAR that i need heLP with korean history

hoseok: his number i can give

you: i don't want it, it's his privacy

hoseok: heyy namjoon here, hobi says you wanted help with history?

you: whAT NO

you: uM NAMJOONILOVEYOUSOMUCH but i don't need the help its alright just eat healthy and stay safe and be happy and that's good enough for me

hoseok: whY DON'T YOU SAY THAT TO ᵐᵉ

you: is this hoseok now

hoseok: no i'm sad now

hoseok: he's alright, he just feels neglected even though you said he was your bias -joon

you: you still are my bias, but namjoon is my bias wrecker

hoseok: what's a bias wrecker

you: it's like when someone else in the groups make you question your existence and sort of gets in the middle of you and your bias

you: get it

hoseok: not a bit

you: well i am too, first off who am i talking to..i'm a little confused whether its hoseok or namjoon

hoseok: we both have a break so we're both sitting down talking to you, namjoon is also interested in what we talk about so lets continue ٩( 'ω' )و

you: umm so here's my bias, hoseok aka you


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