chapter twenty

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Tuesday 8:56pm

hyukbin: are you back at home yet?

you: yes

hyukbin: okay cool, wouldn't want you to get kidnapped or anythinggGg

you: imma strong girl

you: won a judo comeback back in my teens

you: probably don't care

hyukbin: woah

hyukbin: woah no, it's good to know

hyukbin: but i feel like a wimp because the only sport i'm good at is swimming :/

you: nOo don't, i heard you even won third in one of those relays

hyukbin: that wasn't my best

hyukbin: i don't really have ang motivation anymore

you: hey, don't pressure yourself

you: take a break and relax your muscles

hyukbin: i will :-), thanks for being so sweet buddy

you: buddy?

you: we're friends?

hyukbin: are we

you: what

hyukbin: i mean like, we've been classmates since last year and we haven't talked much, tonight was literally our first conversation

you: damn, i guess your right hahaha

you: cool, we're friends

hyukbin: yeaaahhhhhh

hyukbin: i hate to bring another topic up all of a sudden but, please forget about the thing i had with your sister

hyukbin: it's really nothing since she cheated on me numerous times:/

you: wait..what?

you: i never knew this.

you: is that why you guys broke up?

hyukbin: yea, i've had enough of her

you: i'm sorry about her

hyukbin: it's okay, i mean i had another reason too

you: and what's that?

hyukbin: i had a crush on her sister

you: wa-wait


you: you had a crush on my sister's sister?

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you: you had a crush on my sister's sister?

you: she only had one sister

hyukbin: yeah :-)

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