chapter thirty three

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Thursday 12:10am

hoseok: it's you.

Thursday 12:12am

me: why me?

me: i'm just this girl trying to figure out her crappy life and make sure i can just live a day longer without feeling like utter shit.

me: hoseok

me: even if you like me, i know i'm not the one for you

hoseok: but what if you are

hoseok: i have never met a girl who's made me feel this crazy over

hoseok: i can barely stop thinking about you

hoseok: i miss your voice even though i've only heard to a few times, and you're so beautiful, and no it's not just your face, it's just the way you are as a person. you're so pure.

hoseok: you don't realise how precious you are to me


My eyes started to puff up, I felt it. And suddenly tears were just falling down to my cheeks, and to my chin. I was crying.

I've always been this insecure girl who never trusted anyone's words because Jisoo always had backed up on reminding me that none of it was true and I could never be somewhat special. Being treated like nothing since day one made me this way, afraid of sharing and just opening up on how I feel.

It's not easy to be someone you're not. And right now I'm just acting as though everything is fine..or at least could be alright.

Maybe I should just confess to him...

Thursday 12:31am

(Hoseok's POV)
hyejin<3: hi..

hyejin<3: im really sorry about just now.. i just felt like you needed space from me, because everytime we meet you seemed so worked up on what to say.

hyejin<3: i didn't want to disappoint you.

hyejin<3: i hope we can still be okay with each other..

you: it's okay hyejin :) i'm always here for you <4

you: <3*

you: wait no

you: <3000*

hyejin<3: oh wow 🥺

hyejin<3: can i be honest?

you: always

hyejin<3: i've been feeling kinda weird with everything and everyone. like i'm in some fake reality where my life is changing... am i dreaming?

hyejin<3: is this all just a hallucination... that maybe i'm already dead and i'm just texting the boy of my dreams

you: im the boy of ur dreams? :o

hyejin<3: uh

hyejin<3: yes...?

you: flattered. i am

you: i don't think you're dreaming though..

hyejin<3: that's exactly what a sleep paralysis would say but okay

you: hEY IM NO SLEEP PARALiewhateverthing demon >:(

hyejin<3: okay maybe i'm exaggerating

hyejin<3: sorry..

you: i don't think you're dreaming hyejin..

hyejin<3: why would you say that?

you: because you are the dream

 sorry for yhe short chapter but this is what i can come up with when its 1am 🥺.... also i'll be updating this story till the end! and im really sorry if the plot gets confusing because honestly i dont even know what i wrote HAHAHAHA. thank u for reading! i love u all so much, thank u for the support❤️❤️❤️

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