chapter three

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Tuesday 8:45pm

(02) 916-9191: interesting

(02) 916-9191: is he handsome? i've heard rumours that many people call him ugly or whatsoever

you: he really is pretty

you: and i don't know why some people would ever call him ugly or a horse, he doesn't deserve this hate

(02) 916-9191: i'm sure he handles it well haha

you: yeah he's strong minded, but i'm not

(02) 916-9191: thats not true

(02) 916-9191: you're still existing, that shows how strong you have been for 21 years

you: thanks

you: that helps a little

you: but i don't see myself in the future

you: like that small vision or 'expectation' you hope for when you're in the moment, i don't see it. i don't see myself grown or happy or with anyone. just black and blank.

(02) 916-9191: hey look, we don't know what the future holds, it can be great or worst but that's just because of what we are doing now

(02) 916-9191: if you live now, many things can happen, you can even go for a bts concert and maybe even meet hoseok

(02) 916-9191: i'm just a stranger who volunteered to talk to people who feel suicidal, but i believe you, you are strong, you are kind, and you deserve so much

you: maybe i'll think about it

(02) 916-9191: you're making me feel useless (T ^ T)

(02) 916-9191: oh wait! let's exchange numbers :-)

you: are you sure about that?

you: i only use my phone to browse for sad and deep quotes and asking google 'what is life'

you: and i feel a little weird trusting you

(02) 916-9191: right, you probably think i'm some creepy stalker trying to kidnap people who feels suicidal

you: well

you: wellll

(02) 916-9191: you don't have to give me your number, but in case you ever want to talk to someone you can talk to me

(02) 916-9191: aaand i'm sure to keep you in company everyday by messaging you :-)....only if you're okay with that

(02) 916-9191: call me maybe xxxx-xxxx

you: okay...i'll message you first then

(02) 916-9191: see you on the other side (*'︶'*)

(02) 916-9191: see you on the other side ╰(*'︶'*)╯

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