chapter twenty nine

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Monday 8:30pm

you: um hello

you: i just wanted to check on you if you were okay...from last night, you sounded pretty tired but sad at the same time

you: feel better soon hoseok :-), you wouldn't want to make the fans worried

hoseok: oh thanks

hoseok: i was drunk last night

you: oh yikes

hoseok: yeahh, sorry to bother you last night..or morning but i just needed to hear your voice at least once

you: wait what

you: why were you drinking

hoseok: boy's night out

you: oh my god im so sorry

hoseok: ??

you: i was supposed to hang out with you guys weren't i, but i cancelled and completely forgot with the change of events

you: i'm so sorry

hoseok: nOoo its okay

hoseok: it was your choice and i definitely am fine with it :-)))

you: i hope so

you: so how are you? are you feeling better?

hoseok: yeap

hoseok: jin made me soup

hoseok: yeah thats it

you: nice, that soup must've been lejindary haHA

hoseok: owo

hoseok: i forgot that you liked puns

you: yeaaa :/

hoseok: okay i've got to go now, bye

you: byeee

Monday 8:56pm

ara: hey hyejin!!

ara: thanks for hanging out with me hehe, just wanted to drop a thank you

you: oh no problem :)

you: we can hang out anytime aahahha

you: it's not like i have another female friend anyways, it's literally just you and hyukbin in my friends list

ara: billions of people are missing out on an amazing person like u :(

ara: anyways goodnight! i have to wurk tmr ;-;



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