chapter twenty eight

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Friday 11:05pm

you: hey, thanks for the ride back home

hyukbin: anytime! and i hope you're feeling better about everything going on? i have a shoulder for you to lean on if you ever need to :)

you: haha thanks, i will..i think

you: okay maybe not but

you: thank you for staying with me and listening to the things i had to say

hyukbin: you needed to. so it's okay

hyukbin: call me anytime if you need to, well just not now because i have to sleep 😅

you: ohh um night i guess

hyukbin: night :)

Friday 12:03am

hoseok: what dew you kall a butter thrown outa windoew

you: what

hoseok: beer taste like alcohol

you: well i mean, it technically is

you: are you okay hoseok?

hoseok: no not really

you: do you wanna talk about it?

hoseok: can iiiiiiiiiii?

you: ...maybe you could call me instead, i don't want you to drunk text

hoseok: hit or miss



[ 2 hours ago ]

"I'm just going to take a walk along the river for a bit, don't miss me too much guys."

"Hoseok we just got here." Namjoon suddenly spoke up.

"Well yeah, but do you guys want beer? I think there's a vending machine nearby."

"Yeah sure, just get enough for us except Jungkook. Fella here only drinks banana milk and water." Jimin answered, trying not to move around too much beside Yoongi who was asleep now.

Then I started walking off, honestly I didn't even know where I was going at all. After a few rounds of trees and bushes and the ever continuous flow of the river beside my route, I found the vending machine. Clicking the buttons numerous times and fondling over my coins making sure they didn't drop.


I heard a voice from afar. Sounded like a boy, or maybe just a low pitched voice from a female. I looked over to the front and I see Hyejin with a man. Assuming it was Hyukbin, I continued peeping through from the bush I was hiding behind.

They talked for a while, I saw them laugh, then saw her cry a little. At most I wanted to do was to hug her and tell her everything was alright, but I could do nothing if she didn't want me.

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