chapter twenty five

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Thursday 6:05pm

ara: i'm going to your house

you: WHAT

you: nOT AGAIN

you: wHY No

you: don't pull up your car

you: nonononono


you: ARA WTF

you: i'm not talking to you


"Hyejin! What's up? I'm here now so just tell me what's going on because I don't want you to be butthurt about it just because of some guy." Ara starts up, walking past my room door and onto my bed.

"It's just... I think that I do like Hyukbin. Even though we barely talked for a whole year, spending time with him means a lot."

"That's adorable. So..what's stopping you from telling him that?"

"He was Jisoo's ex boyfriend, remember?"

"Oh, right, forgot that existed. Maybe because I didn't really care."

Ara makes a smug smile while moving her shoulders up and down, I laugh a little too hard, almost falling off the bed but was blocked by one of my pillows.

I told her a little more about the past week and what happened between me and Hoseok as well. She was still surprised that I was close to most of the members, yet how I never noticed the hints Hoseok had given away for the past month we've been talking on message.

"Don't you see the small little I Love You hidden in that message? He clearly likes you, Jung Hoseok likes you!" She squeals, childlike and even pushes me softly in a childish manner.

"He confessed just now."

"Hoseok? Confessed to you?"

"Yeah. But now I just feel really awkward because I said I'd just rather stay friends. I mean like, it's not possible to just..."

"..Know who you actually love?"

"Yes. Exactly."

She bearhugs me, it was tight but I felt so safe and secure. A feeling never felt before, never experienced, but only until now.


Oh, a message.

Thursday 7:35pm

Unknown Number: Hello, Soo Family. We would like to inform all of you respectively that a member of the family, Soo Jisoo, has gotten into a car accident at around 7:04pm near a small junction. She has been admitted to the Asan Medical Center Seoul and is now resting, we have not fully gotten information about her injuries but we will be sure to inform you as soon as possible. You may visit from any time of the day. Regards, Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency.



As I was packing my stuff into the luggage, I heard a sound from the other room. It was probably Taehyung trying to find Jungkook.

"Hyung! Any message from Hyejin? Is she excited that we're returning tomorrow?" Jimin asks as he enters my room.

"Here, take a look and tell me what you think." I took out my phone and showed him the last conversation I had with her.

"Oh bummer." He covers his mouth with his left hand, his eyes showed disappointment.

"Yeah well, she had a crush on someone anyways." I replied, monotonously.

"Don't let her bring you down bro, let's just focus on BTS and Army for now huh? At least you guys are still friends right?"

"Yeah, I think. And yeah, I should just focus on us and our fans, after all, we have a tour coning up soon and we need to prepare."

"That's right! We have to work hard for our fans and make then proud."

I've decided.

"You're right Jimin."


Thursday 7:36pm

mom: come to the hospital as soon as you can, jisoo is in a seriously bad condition.

you: how bad is it?

mom: she broke her bones, she's unconscious, and there's a huge possibility that she may lose some of her memories.

you: okay, i'll be on my way.


"Ara, I think you should go home now. I have to go somewhere soon."

"Is it urgent? What happened? Who texted you?"

"It's not important okay, I'll tell you later. Right now I just need to leave my house as soon as possible."

"Okay.." Ara stands up, picking up her purse slowly and waving goodbye with a small smile.

It was obvious that she was worried, but I couldn't just tell her about Jisoo now, it wasn't the right time. As soon as she left my house, I quickly turned off the lights in the house and started up my car. Making my way to the hospital.

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boring chapter lmaoooaoaoaooo

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