chapter twenty six

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[14 hours before meeeting him]

Friday 7:30am

hoseok: morning :-)

hoseok: friend, ahaha

hoseok: ok let's forget that, but just wanted to tell you that i've arrived back to korea with the boys! hope we're still seeing each other soon..with the boys of course :D

hoseok: i guess you're offline

Friday 9:01am

ara: hey hyejinn

ara: what happened last night? :(

Friday 9:03am

hyukbin: heyy hru?

hyukbin: one tick..i guess you've turned off your phone haha

hyukbin: hope you're having a good time



Liked by hyuk_b1n and 503 othersaralikesfood been missing my buddy :(  where r u hyejin <33

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Liked by hyuk_b1n and 503 others
aralikesfood been missing my buddy :(  where r u hyejin <33

wonhi55 is that her actual account?
janicele_e i didn't know she had ig
chokolate your friend is so pretty!
hyuk_b1n hyejin had instagram or did you tag some random person with that username?
aralikesfood ksdhsksh random @hyuk_bin
hyuk_bin lmaoo, but where is she tho :// she hasn't been replying to my messages
chueelee is that jisoo's sister? lol didn't know she was not ugly
aralikesfood idk:(i'm kind of worried @hyuk_bin
aralikesfood yes she is, and if you think she's pretty just say it and go. @chueelee
chueelee lol okay i was just curious since her sister didn't come for class today either


Ara's POV

It's been almost 12 hours since Hyejin and I barely talked. Both online and in real life. She didn't come for lessons today, missing out a whole lot of dissecting frogs and mixing chemicals in Chemistry.

Something must have happened to one of her family members last night, and that Chue Lee girl mentioned that Jisoo didn't come for her classes either.

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