chapter eighteen

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Wednesday 6:34pm

hoseok: i like someone, how do i confess to her?

Wednesday 6:35pm

you: whaaat

you: you could just tell her

you: also isn't it like 1am there

hoseok: yea it's pretty late but i'm not sleepy

hoseok: just tell her? like an idiot..?

you: well

you: i mean like unless you're not ready to tell her your feelings yet then it's still alright to keep it to yourself

hoseok: i don't friends are pressuring me to confess

you: your friends know who she is?

you: can i know too

hoseok: you wanna know ♪('ε )

you: yes

hoseok: i'll tell you if you still remember about it by tomorrow

you: okay but YOU go to sleep please take care :(

hoseok: you too!!! i don't want you to be lar for your morning class tomorrow

you: i will if you will

hoseok: okay i will :-)

hoseok: night ><


Leaning back on one of the pillows on my bed, I smiled in relief knowing that she doesn't know yet. Reality hits me back when Taehyung hits me with a pillow on the face.

"So what did she say?"

"First of all, ow."

"Hehe, sorry."

"Secondly, I didn't tell her fully that I liked her. Just a snip bit that I liked someone."

"So she only knows that you like someone, but doesn't know that the someone is her?"



"I know, I'm so smart."


I ignore his presence after, not caring what he thought about me not fully confessing yet. Just the thought of telling her that I like her only after talking for 2 weeks and meeting her twice was sort of too fast.

Neither was I any good at relationships.

I just want to tell her how much she means to me and hug her tight without letting her go to get hurt even more with the people she surround herself with and


"Beeeeep, your phone vibrated."

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