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Sydney, Australia

Michael's POV

"Who was it?" Belle smiles sweetly up at me as I sit back down opposite with my excuse ready in my head.
"Oh, just Frank. He was just asking about some Moonwalker business. Nothing new." I try to sound casual and avoid eye contact.
"Oh, I was meaning to ask when will you start filming?" She puts her chin in the palm of her hand and gazes at me as we speak. I gulp.
"Uh, he said sometime this week or next week we'll make a start." I shrug while picking up the fork off the table and examining it.
"Are you okay, Mike?" She smirks, looking confused.
"I'm great, sorry. It's just a bit hot in here but I'm fine." I smile, and lucking she believes me.
"It is, don't worry." She holds my hand over the table.

A few minutes later, our breakfasts arrive; and they look magnificent. Belle's pancakes are piled up in a heap of sweet goodness, butter melting down the sides and half a dozen strawberries lining the dish. My traditional English breakfast looks huge, I don't know if I'll be able to finish this. In fact, I know I won't be able to finish this. My plate is full of everything; from grilled tomatoes to sausages, fried eggs to crispy toast, rashes of smoked bacon to hash browns galore.

"Wow. They really went all out!" I grin down at our plates. The heavenly, smoky scent of my dish reaches my nose as I grab some cutlery and dig in.
"I know, it's crazy. How even much is this?" Belle exhales.
"Free." I wink at her with a smirk as we both start to cut away at our food.
"The life of the riches, huh." She chuckles.

15 minutes later . . .

We finished up breakfast and it was glorious, but we both feel so full and sick from it so we decided to come back to our room and lay down. We lay and talked about anything and everything while looking out the window at the beautiful view of the city.

"I always thought America did everything the biggest but Sydney might have just beaten it. Did you see how many pancakes I had?" Belle exhales with a slight laughter.
"I know right, it's like if you're gonna make portion sizes that big, at least-"
"Give the leftovers to someone who needs it." Belle finishes the end of my sentence.
I look up at her with squinted eyes and a sarcastic smile, "Heyyyy...."
"I know you so well, shush." She chuckles kissing me in the forehead.

After a few minutes of laying down, we both get a sudden rush of energy after the miserable fullness has passed.
Belle jumps up from the bed and says excitedly, "Lets do something!"
"Like what?" I prop my head with my elbow to see her pacing around the room with a huge smile. I love to see her this happy, I just want to hug her all day.
"I don't know." Her voice is shaky with excitement, a skip in her little steps.
"What's up with you?" I exclaim laughing hysterically through my words, "Did you take coke when I turned around?"
I'm pretty sure doesn't even hear what I just said as she runs up to me and hops on the bed, her legs either side of me. She places her hands on my chest as her lips crash onto mine, catching me off guard.
"What has gotten into you?" I whisper between kisses. I'm not complaining, but I am curious.
"I don't know... do you want me to stop?" She whispers with a voice that makes me instantly switch into the same mindset as her. Her face is so close to mine I can feel her staggered breaths on my skin.
"Oh, well... I didn't say that." I smile into a kiss.

And as soon as we know it, it's a full-fledged make out session, as we take turns gripping each other's hair and planting kisses down each necks. Belle pushes the curls out of my face as her electric fingers stroke alone my jawline, leaving my skin tingling. She begins to hold on to the collar of my white t-shirt, her fingers wrapped around the neckline. She weakly tugs at it, signalling for me to remove it. I sit up and pull the shirt over my head while she caresses my stomach and back. I barely ever see her like this, it's like she suddenly gets a wave of lust and hunger for me, which makes me the luckiest man on Earth.

She throws my orange shirt off her body onto the ground, her sweet lips not leaving mine. Seconds later, we are both practically naked. I really don't know what changed from after breakfast to now, but I like it. I feel so comfortable around her, more than anyone, and I can tell she does with me too so this is easy for both of us. Plus, we hardly ever get alone time so we need to cherish it, right?

We roll over and I am now laying on top of her, her warm skin against mine. One of my hands cups her jaw and the other traces up and down her waist. Her breathing keeps getting quicker as I begin to peck all the way down her stomach. I have to keep swallowing because I feel the jittery excitement coming up my throat. She lets out a slight, soft moan as my heart beat becomes more rapid than ever. It's like an out of body experience.
"Are you sure?" I say, my voice husky, my eyes full of lust. I can barely see straight. I look up at her, my head beside her hips, and I see her facial expression which turns me on. I have to keep blinking because my vision is blurred by pure lust.
"Yeah." She says quickly, seeming desperate. I press my warm lips against hers before anything else, to let her know I love her before anything happens.

40 minutes later . . .

Belle's head lays on my chest, my heart still beating quicker than the ticking of the obnoxious clock on wall. Her hands are wrapped loosely around my neck, as we just enjoy each other's company in silence to treasure the moment. Both our bodies are overheated from the energy so we need time to breathe.
"You're incredible." I say, my voice still deeper than usual. I stroke my hand up and down her bare skin.
"You are." She kisses my chest before laying her head back down, it rising as I practically pant.

We spend the next twenty minutes laying under the smooth, cloud-like duvet covers in each other's arms. I feel so at ease with her, and never more so than at a moment like this. I never want to move, or this to end. I just want to lay here with her on top of me for the rest of my entire life.

I twist her hair between my long, dark fingers and let it fall back down onto my chest before doing it again. I gaze at her as she lays with her eyes closed. She's such a dream to me.
From her wispy eyelashes, to her porcelain skin, to her plump lips, to her boundless hair; she's sheer perfection. And she's my fiancé.

I know I've found my soulmate.

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