here we go

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We were lying in the middle of a field. All I could see was the bright stretch of the indigo, starry sky above us. It was truly breathtaking. I felt the chilled, night wind blow on my ankles; as the rest of me was covered up. The damp, cold grass tickled my ankles. I felt a sudden warm sensation that sent chills down my spine; a breath. I gently turned to see his big chocolate eyes staring at me. He gave a soft smile when he saw me look at him. I pulled myself closer into his chest, I was so happy in this moment. I felt his shivering all over my body, but for some reason it was comforting. We felt like the only two people in the world.
"Are you too cold? We can go back if you want?" Michael breathed, sounding worried.
"No way. I am never leaving this moment. I am never leaving you."
I responded in awe, my eyes gazing upon his silky, caramel complexion.
A smile took over his face as he pulled me in closer, wrapping the sides of his furry, red Kappa coat around me. I've never felt so content.

I have a sudden jolt from my sleep; waking up. My heart is beating so fast, my alarm never scares me as much as it just did. God, I am so mad my dream ended. I just want to lie back down and float off into dreamland again.
But then it hit me like a truck.
This is the day.
Today is the day, I audition for the one and only Michael Jackson.
I suddenly realise I only have an hour to get ready so I quickly sit up from the comfort of my warm bed.
I open my heaving, tired eyes to see my little vintage Jackson 5 and Michael posters. I can't believe I am going to be stood in front of that exact man today.
I hop in the warm shower. Physically, I am getting ready for the day, but mentally I am in another world. I swear if someone was to speak to me, I wouldn't even hear them. There are millions of questions flying through my head, and tons of self doubt for this audition.

What if I fall over? What if he takes one look at me and says "No"? What if everyone else is way better than me?

Deep down, I know I've never been more ready. I've been singing since I was 8, and dancing since I was 9. This day is my big chance.

25 Minutes Later

I stand in front of my scratched vanity mirror as I carefully put my hair up in a messy, curly - yet contained - ponytail, and do light natural makeup. I read in a magazine once that was Michael's favourite look on a girl.
I throw on my black, tight dance shorts, and an oversized lilac sweater on top of my sports bra. I have a million Michael Jackson sweaters which I wear regularly, but I feel it would be inappropriate and embarrassing I if I were to wear that to the audition. He wouldn't take me seriously at all. He'd think of me as a crazy super fan who just wants to meet Michael Jackson. And that was not me. But yes, I've loved Michael's music practically my whole life.
So has my mom, she loves him. She can't believe I'm auditioning for his Bad Tour, and quite frankly, neither can I. But I've always had a soft spot for his personality. He seemed like the sweetest, most thoughtful, guy. I just hope he's like that in real life...

"You ready, Bel?" My mom interrupts my train of thought.
"Almost, I just need shoes." I say, my eyes darting around my bedroom floor in search of my white Reebok's.
"Are you excited?" My mom squeals, stool in the frame of my door. She's been just as excited for this as me. I glance up at her stature, my eyes still scanning the ground. I see her wearing a Michael t-shirt and instantly chuckle with nerves.
"Mom, no." I say bluntly, "Not that shirt, do you want him to hate me?" I whine.
"I'm staying in the car, baby. Now, are you ready?" She pushes.
"Yes, mom. I just need my...Oh! Ready." I find my shoes and dash out my bedroom, stepping on the heels of them in hope they don't fall off or break.

30 Minutes Later

We pull up to the arena in my Mom's little, silver car. We've been listening to the Bad album the entire way. I feel I wrote the album myself I know it so well at this point.
"Good luck, baby." My mom, places her hand on my shoulder.
"Thanks Mom, I really have to go." I hug her, as she tightly squeezes me back. It's like she was saying goodbye to me for the 16-month tour, before I'd even got the part.
I dash off towards to arena entrance, my mom still stood by the car waving.
Once I escaped my emotional mother, I step in through the glossy, glass sliding doors of the front entrance.
Straight away I saw a tidy-looking middle aged woman typing away at the front desk. The keyboard clicks fill the air, as the rest of the room is silent. I step up to the desk uneasily, but she didn't look up.
"Hi. Excuse me. I'm Belle Smith. I'm here for the Michael Jackson Bad Tour Auditions. Where do I go?" I croak. I could definitely hear the shake of nerves in my voice.
She doesn't look up, and just points her one finger to the left, continuing to type with the other.
I nod silently and walk towards the left door. I am already so nervous, that just made it worse.

What if everyone's like that? What if Michael's like that?

I go through the held-open door, and see a long, clean corridor. This brings me a little rush of excitement. I've always wanted to see the backstage of a huge arena like this. I've always known I wanted a job in the music business.
I reach the end of the corridor and take the left turn, to see a massive, white banner above a pair of blacked out double doors, saying "MICHAEL JACKSON BAD TOUR BACKUP VOCALISTS/DANCER AUDITIONS".
I whisper myself a mini pep talk, and pull open the door with power.


I feel I just entered a new world.
In front of me spreads a massive, too big to comprehend, empty arena filled with closed plastic seats half way up the sides of the walls. The scent of sweet, artificial smoke fills the air as I shakily step forwards
The pleasant sound of vocal warm ups, shouting employees and dance-shoe-tapping echoed around the place. I close my eyes, exhale, and a rush of excitement ran all the way through my nerves.
Here we go.

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