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The bus pulls up at small, brick building. It has nothing on it, so I have no idea where we are.
"Everyone out." Says Frank, standing at the front of the bus. He's wearing a black cap and RayBans. He has a land yard around his neck, making him look like a school teacher.
Me and Michael get up still laughing about the story I just told. It was the story of when I was 6 and entered a singing competition in July and sang 'Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer". Let's just say I didn't win.
We walk out the bus and into the building. We go down the corridor and into a small dance studio.
It had black, rubbery floors and a low ceiling. The wall on the left is made up completely of mirrors, and the one next to it has ballet bars all across it.
Michael walks straight into the studio, and tells us to go get ready. The dancers and I go in the changing rooms and put down our bags on the wooden benches.
I slip into my dance leggings, teal sports bra and Nike shoes. I take a glance in the mirror and sort my hair quickly. I throw it up into a messy ponytail, pulling out some strands at the front.
We all go back into the studio, where Michael is stretching and jumping around. He turns to see us all filing in and gives us a small smile.
"Ok, today we are rehearsing 'The Way You Make Me Feel'", He says excitedly.
This is one of my favourite songs off the album, so I'm happy about it.
We all get into a line and stretch in front of the mirror wall. Michael calls out different positions and we all echo his moves perfectly.
"We all warmed up?" He says impatiently. Everyone nods.
"Alright, so for this number I'm going to be interacting with one of you for the majority of the song. I'm guessing you have all seen the music video" He says hopefully, "And then the other dancers will be at the back, but still putting in their all as it creates an effect even if people aren't focused on it." We all nod again.
He scans over us all in a line, his hands resting on his hips and showing thoughtful expression. He puts his finger up to his lips in thought. He then looks at me and stops his eyes wandering.
"Belle come here", He says, beckoning me with his hand, the other on his hip.
I walk over, hoping he's picked me to play the role of Tatiana from the music video. The girl has to play hard to get as Michael is dancing all around her, my dream.
"Let's try you playing Tatiana's part" He says, looking really thoughtful.
"Yeah sure", I say nonchalantly, trying not to sound as excited as I feel, or I'd be screaming.
"You know what to do?" He says.
"Mhm!" I say, proudly. He nods and gives me a wink. I get butterflies instantly.
All the other dancers in the room reverse back to the wall, making the whole studio free for Michael and me to dance.
I walk to the side of the stage facing Michael, Michael in the middle facing forward. The first note of the song begins.
When music starts, Michael instantly stops being shy and turns into a completely different person. It's magic. His face suddenly switches expression and his body is like its a doll on a strings, being held and controlled by the music. He said to me before he doesn't think when he dances, he just lets his body do whatever feels right. This is what makes him the legend he is.
I strut across the stage, swinging my hips. One of my hands on my hip, and the other swaying dramatically. I walk with my head up high, acting like I own the place. Michael looks at me and starts walking behind me, with a powerful yet graceful stride. I stand still and bend one of my knees, and he walks around me in a circle.
He starts grinding on me. As much as I wish I could have stayed stood there, I roll my eyes dramatically and strut to the other side of the stage.
This carries on through out the song, and Michael does his amazing solo part. His other male backup dancers joined in for that part, just like in the video.
The song was coming to an end, so I walked up to Michael, and he hugged me, tilting me back. I felt like I was in a movie, it was so perfect. In my mind, this was real.
The song ends, and I snap back into reality. I realise I had an audience again.
Seconds later, Michael claps excitedly.
"Yes! That's exactly what I was looking for!" He exclaims.
I blush and smile at him, "Really!"
Everyone against the wall claps and cheers, apart from Hannah.
She was sat with her arms crossed, giving me dagger eyes. I smile at her sarcastically, and walk over to Michael to hug him.
I admit this was sort of to annoy her, but I also just wanted to hug Michael again.
He hugs me back so tightly. He then pulls back, but we still had each other in our arms. Our faces were inches from each other.
He whispered, "You were amazing, Belle."
I blush and reply, "You were better".
He smiles and looks embarrassed. He then pulls me back to his chest again, for another hug.
That's the first time I've ever made him react that way. It felt nice. He looked so cute and innocent.
He's so sweet. As much as I try to not, I think I'm falling for him.

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