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Rock With You: A Love Story by bjacksonx
Rock With You: A Love Storyby michael jackson
This is the story of Belle, a sweet girl from Pennsylvania, who auditions for the great Michael Jackson's Bad Tour. It soon turns into an enchanting love story, where Be...
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Micheal hee hee by ripmisskesha
Micheal hee heeby ripmisskesha
Micheal wants some grated ch hee hee se join him in the adventures of the supermarket
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Silent tears  by buttercreamSQ
Silent tears by Michaelbadjackson
In 2016 Kayla Mercedes Taylor gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Blue-Ivy Taylor..her father, Michael Jackson, has no clue his daughter exists. 2018, Kayla and Michael...
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The Thriller Book by mjfan_2007
The Thriller Bookby Emanuella
After my Off The Wall Book, the Thriller Era also messes me up.
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Thriller: The Short Flim Stories  by mjfan_2007
Thriller: The Short Flim Stories by Emanuella
All of these are Michael's point of view so you can act like you're Michael in these
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The choreographer (m.j)  by buttercreamSQ
The choreographer (m.j) by Michaelbadjackson
Michael Jackson, you know the world famous Michael Jackson?? His album Thriller is set for being announced, and he's desperate for a new dance choreographer. When he st...
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How to beat the wattpad system by Mychaelynn1
How to beat the wattpad systemby mychaelynn Washington
this is for the readers who can't bother to watch the videos these are a few ways to beat the system :-). 0:-)
CLEAN IT! A song parody of Beat it for Levi from Attack on Titan. by TheDisneySoldier
CLEAN IT! A song parody of Beat Jillian
Everyone love Attack on Titan, myself included. This is what would happen if Levi ever busted into song! XD
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Más Que Amigos//T.1 by MichaelJHistorys1982
Más Que Amigos//T.1by MichaelJHistorys1982
Michael Jackson empieza a tener problemas con su novia Brooke y conoce a una hermosa chica llamada Lexi... ¿que pasara?
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Sweet Delinquency [ON HOLD] by dangerouslysmexy
Sweet Delinquency [ON HOLD]by Jamie Dornan's Sex Slave
Becca "Bec" Hadley is not at all good. Ever since the age of five, she's been nothing but a terror. Now eighteen, she drinks, smokes, parties, and has nothing...
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Adoption by xlilasskickerx
Adoptionby Alien Reedus♡
This story is about 3 girls who have different story's about being in Foster Center. The girls have alot in common once they get to know each other well, once they get t...
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More That Friends//S.2 by MichaelJHistorys1982
More That Friends//S.2by MichaelJHistorys1982
New people, loves, more conflicts... That will happen?
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Más Que Amigos//T.2 by MichaelJHistorys1982
Más Que Amigos//T.2by MichaelJHistorys1982
Nuevas personas, amores, más conflictos... ¿que pasará?
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Lyrics<3 (englisch) by Hyuna_Kpop_fangirl
Lyrics<3 (englisch)by
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"What about rain?" by SparrowEyes
"What about rain?"by Carme Massett
"The Earth doesn't understand of excesses, and the human being is a big one"
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More Than Friends//S.1 by MichaelJHistorys1982
More Than Friends//S.1by MichaelJHistorys1982
Michael Jackson starts having problems with his girlfriend Brooke and meets a beautiful girl named Lexi ... what will happen?
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