september 12th, 1987

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Belle's POV

The show continues smoothly, as Thriller comes to a close. The crowd is now louder than ever as they indulge in the magic that is Michael Jackson. The band groove begins, giving all the performers a little break.
Michael jogs over to me, as I am perched against an industrial-sized speaker backstage, sipping my bottled water.
"How is it?" He beams excitedly, dabbing his head with a small white towel.
"Absolutely crazy. You were amazing, you are amazing." I pull him in for a hug.
"Really? I couldn't tell. It's hard to hear through my..." He points to his earpiece, scrunching his nose up.
"It's perfect, Michael." I kiss his cheek. The sound of the band jamming on stage is muffled through the stage curtains.
"You might not want to touch me, I'm dripping with sweat." He giggles, taking my water out my hand for a sip.
"Oh shut up, I don't mind." I raise my eyebrows at him with a slight chuckle. The fact he thought I wouldn't want to touch him if he's sweating really shows how humble he truly is.
"One minute." A stage worker shouts harshly, putting one finger in the air.
"You tired?" I look at him with concerned eyes.
"No, not at all. I'm pumped." He jumps in the air, as I laugh at his energy.
Michael is quickly gestured back on to stage, as I am taken to the left wing as I am in the next song.
As the twinkling of 'I Just Can't Stop Loving You' begins, I stand nervously at the side of the stage. I fiddle with the black earpiece under my wild hair, my eyes fixed on Michael, who is now alone on stage.
Michael's metallic silver shirt glows under the harsh spotlight above him, as he taps his feet to the beat.
I delicately step onto the darkness of the stage, this being my first time in front of this audience. I clench the metal microphone on my hand and let out a breath, along with my fears.
A rush of new found confidence takes over me, as a spotlight reveals me to the crowd.
Michael gestures his hands towards me, as the lyrics begin to fall from my lips. The light follows me as I stride over towards Michael at enter stage. The crowd is roaring as we get closer together, Michael's eyes not leaving mine. Everyone now knew we were dating which makes this even more special and exciting.

'My life ain't worth living,
If I can't be with you,
I just can't stop loving you,
I can't stop loving you,
And if I stop,
Then tell me just what will I do,
I just can't stop loving you'

Our voices harmonise beautifully, as we mirror each other's gentle hand movements. I look down to the front of the audience to see fans screaming and crying, collapsing all over each other.
As I sing my line, I place my hand on Michael's arm as he quickly turns to face me. We are now fewer than inches apart, making the audience scream like wild animals. Michael's hand slides smoothly down the side of my black dress, as his eyes pierce into mine. I feel his warm breath on my forehead as he sings his lines.

'And if I stop'

As the music stops, Michael's face fills with artificial sorrow as I have fallen back into the darkness of the night. I stroll back down the steps backstage, as I hear 'She's Out Of My Life' begin soon after.
"Bravo, Belle!" Frank powerfully shakes my shoulder with his friendly hand, as he greets me from the bottom of the steps.
"Thank you!" I smile, still feeling the rush of the stage atmosphere.
"You did good, kid. What did you think?" He inhales his cigar as he smiles with his dark eyes.
"It was amazing, really. The crowd was insanely loud and I'm honestly so...happy." I gush, my life still feeling like a dream.
"He's amazing, huh." Frank darts his eyes past me and through the black stage curtains at Michael. He puffs out smoke as he shakes his head at Michael with disbelief.
"Oh yeah." I mutter as I turn to face the stage, Michael now prancing around stage with a lucky fan that was picked for the song. His talent is absolutely surreal.
"When are you next on, kid?" Frank says.
"Another Part of Me." I breath heavily.
"Good luck!" He smiles, as he begins to read something on a clipboard.
"Thanks." I walk off towards the table covered in water bottles, and grab one.
"I didn't know you could sing like that!" A familiar voice shouts.
I turn my head, to see Max.
"Max!" I shout with a smile.
"Hey, kiddo." He smiles.
"What are you doing here?" I exclaim. Max is the first person who really encouraged me when I arrived at my audition. If it wasn't for him, nerves may have got the better of me and I wouldn't be here today.
"I work arena to arena. I can't believe you got the part! How is it?" Max chuckles.
"It's surreal, amazing. Really, better than I could ever imagine." I smile.
"'re dating Michael now? That's unexpected." He raises his eyebrows with judgement. When I first met him, I had expressed love for Michael, as a fan.
"Yeah, we just clicked I guess." I smile. I can't help but smile when Michael is the topic of conversation.
"Good for you, Isabella." He nods his head.
"Yeah, thanks." I smile sweetly.
"Well, I have to go sort out the listing. See you around?" Max says.
"Sure. Bye!" I wave awkwardly, as we go separate ways.
"Another part of me?" A stage worker questions me, his face full of stress.
"...Oh, sorry. Yes." I stutter.
"Come." He leads me to one of the stage entrances. I am now stood amongst a few other dancers, as we all wait nervously.
"Good luck everyone!" Hannah says overly sweetly, smiling at me.
I keep my eyes fixed on Michael, ignoring her sarcastic words.
The song begins, as we stride across the back of the stage in unison. This song would have the main focus on Michael, we would just add some movement at the back.
As Michael's holy vocals filled the arena, fans continued to faint and pass out. The first aid workers were continuously dragging bodies onto stretchers at the front.
The show continues smoothly, as it soon comes to a close.
Michael performs 'Bad' after many repeated chants of 'Who's Bad', closing the show off perfectly.
He is now wearing a simple white t-shirt under a black leather jacket, buckles all down the back. His silver diamond socks lay beneath his black trousers, as he scoots angelically around the stage.
The show completes as he holds a secure finishing pose, causing the crowd to peak with noise. The lights twinkle down onto the stage as Michael says his 'Thank you's' and 'good night's'.
He steps down off the stage, as I engulf his sweating body with a proud hug.
The whole crew is applauding and whistling at Michael as he smiles into my shoulder.
"You were amazing, babe." I whisper.
"So were you." He kisses my cheek, then pulls away from the hug to chat to everyone.
We are soon in a limo driving away from the arena, the paparazzi and press swarming the vehicle like bees, again.
This was truly a night to remember. September 12th, 1987.

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