where do we start?

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November 15, 1987
Sherbrooke Forest, Melbourne
Michael's POV

I quickly jog to keep up with Belle as she admiringly whips her head side to side, trying to take in all of the view.
"We should of brought a picnic!" Belle sighs happily as she rests her head on my upper arm.
"We can always get someone to bring some-" I begin.
"No, babe. I want it to be just us here, like an escape from the world." She grins up at me, blinking with compassion in her dark eyes. My eyes lock with hers and I feel myself fall in love with her all over again.
She has an insane power over me which I've never experienced. I've never been so in love with anyone. It's a pretty great feeling.
Our feet crunching on the dead copper leaves is the only sound for miles, excluding the birds, of course. The vast sky above just calmly floats above this haven, the sun peeking through the branches at every chance. It's so peaceful, like no one else exists for a while.
I look across and notice this great winding oak tree beckoning me. "Look!" I exclaim in awe, pointing up at its twisted branches.
Belle instantly shoots her eyes to me, telling me she's thinking the same thing as me. "Shall we?"
I grin by reflex, my body gets a rush of excitement and gratitude. "Wow, I love you. So much." I cup her small face in my large hands, the warmth of my hands heating her cold cheeks.
"I love you so much more. Sorry!" She says 'sorry' with a hint of sarcasm as she purses her lips playfully. I giggle down at her, then I naturally press my lips against hers, my body getting an electric impulse of joy.
"Nope." I shake my head and kiss her forehead, my hands still placed around her chin. I quickly dash away so she can't argue back, looking back over my shoulder with laughter.
"Mike..." She exclaims as she begins to chase after me. I place my hands around a thick hanging branch, as far as they can reach, and pull myself up. Now sat up on the branch, I slap my hands together to shake of the dust of the trees surface.
Belle reaches the bottom of the tree and jumps for the branch I used, her arms flailing in attempt to be taller than she really is. I watch her as she attempts to use another branch to pull up her weight. I chuckle looking down at her struggle, planning to help her in a second.
"I cant reach!" She laughs slightly, with a tone of shyness behind her words.
"No shit, B." I put my hand up to my mouth to hold in my laughter. She looks so cute when she's struggling.
"Thanks for the help." She says sarcastically but with a grin.
"I'm coming down, I'm coming down." I sigh with an intense giggle. My feet slap the ground as I jump down onto the fallen leaves, a loud crunch following my action.
I stand beside Belle and crouch down to her height playfully, looking up at the great tree. "Wow, it really does seem huge from down here." I joke.
"Michael!" She pushes me in my stomach causing me stumble back slightly. I throw my head back in laughter, reaching my hand out for hers. I quickly step behind her and place my hands around her tiny waist, my hands half the size of her torso, and pull her up with all my strength, although she is extremely light.
She reaches her small arms up to the branches and I place her gently but securely, onto a thick branch. "You okay?" I check before letting go, my hands tightly around her thighs.
"Yep, thank you." She smiles, her finger tracing the vein down my tensed hand. I nod and slide my hand down her leg so I can get myself up the tree.
I hop up, my long arms easily pulling me up. I perch next to my fiancée, and throw my arm around her petite shoulders with a sigh.
I look at Belle, her eyes closed, but her lips in a faint smile. "What are you thinking about?" I stroke her silky cheeks with the back of my hand, admiring her beauty.
"Everything. You, this, tour, home, us." She says with a long break between each word. Her smile growing with each word.
"I can't wait for our future. We should plan our wedding." I move my hand down from her shoulders to her waist, my hand clutching around her body.
"Really?" She raises her head from leaning on me, and looks at me slightly taken aback with excitement. She was probably under the impression I didn't want to discuss the wedding yet.
"Of course, if you want to?" I raise my eyebrows hopefully.
"Please can we!" She throws her hands around my body in a tight hug of pure joy, her face burrows into my jacket on my chest.
"Where do we start?" I sigh, thinking how lucky I am in this moment, while running my long fingers through her soft, messy curls.

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