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4 Weeks Later

Michael and I are stood on the left wing of the stage. He's fiddling with his earpiece and I'm sorting out my hair. Michael's hair is gelled and slicked into a curly do, most of it down and some tied behind his head, leaving individual curls to droop in between his dark eyes. He's wearing a silver, metallic top bedazzled with black and gold details all down the arms. His statement chunky metal belt lies above his tight, black trousers, buckles all the way down the sides. He truly looks magical. The outfits designed for the Bad Tour are all so unique and creative, that if anyone but Michael was to wear them, they'd look crazy. But he looks absolutely delicious. I'm wearing a short, tight black dress that stops beneath my butt. It's supposed to be sexy as I'm playing Tatiana's role in 'The Way You Make Me Feel'. I have nude tights on to add to the illusion of perfection, and a pair of Gucci black stilettos. Dancing in heels is a skill I have thankfully mastered, I think. My hairs curled dramatically, each curl flies loosely around my head. My stage makeup is applied perfectly, and honestly, being dressed as the role makes you feel much better. It makes you really get into it and feel a rush of confidence.
Music booms out of the massive speakers surrounding the stage, Wanna Be Startin' Somthin' begins. Michael kisses me on the head and runs off to the back of the stage. The familiar beats fly through the air, signalling the start of the show. This is only a rehearsal, though. We start for real next week. We have been rehearsing with our costumes and stage hair and makeup for a while now.
Michael enters the stage from the back, stepping up a couple of stairs beside a few dancers. They begin the dance and I just simply watch in awe from the side.
He is truly electrifying. The amount of times I've seen this exact show is surreal, but I will never not get the same feeling I got when I first saw it. He is breathtakingly talented. Each move is so crisp, yet so gentle. So effortless. His voice smacks the air with power, yet such grace. He just does it naturally. All the dancers follow their usual routine perfectly, they never fail. I guess Michael did pick the absolute best for his perfectionist little world.
"It's insane, isn't it?" I turn to see Sam, one of the many dancers. He's stood with his arms crossed, his eyes still focused purely on the show.
We can see it clearly from here, although there are curtains in the way sometimes.
"Mhmm" I hum, slowly shaking my head at Michael's unbelievable talent.
"I couldn't work for anyone better." Sam says, raising his gentle voice over the music. "He's just so...hands on, ya know?"
"I know exactly what you mean." I agree.
"He knows how everything should be and look, and makes sure it's...exactly what he in visions in his head. He does is out of pure passion, love. Not like a lot of artists." Sam continues, speaking his mind. I can tell how passionately he feels about the industry and music, I love it. Being surrounded by some similar minded people is so magical.
We talk for a minute, then the song changes. Things I do for you.
"I gotta go." Sam shrieks, running on stage and dancing his heart out. He's a talented man, sweet too.
The show carries on until nearly the end. Michael seems exhausted, as he pours his heart into every song, but his face is plastered with a big smile. He loves it.
"It's you're cue! Go!" Someone off the team shouts at me, shoving me onstage with his hand. I stumble on, but instantly begin strutting.
The Way You Make Me Feel is blasting, while I pace around stage playing hard to get. Michael is now wearing an open loose, blue shirt, tied gently over a white tee. His black trousers hang from his dancing hips. He twists his feet and twirls around me, while he sings beautiful melodies down his mic. Our bodies move perfectly with each other. Our love for each other definitely improves this performance. I cross my arms and fake an eye roll, while Michael grinds on me.
Many dancers roll around, wearing sunglasses and checked shirts. Being on stage is such a happy place for everyone here and you can really tell.
The show soon comes to an end, after Man In The Mirror. Half the staff are in tears at the emotion of the song, which is so adorable to me.
Michael quickly rushes off stage to me after waving to an audience of about 10 members off staff. He runs over and hugs me, his body heavy with sweat. I wrap my arms around his body, "You were so amazing. You are so amazing. I love you." I say in his ears.
He pulls out his diamanté ear pieces, "What?" He shouts.
I giggle, " I said you were amazing and I love you. And you don't need to shout I'm right here."
He laughs, "I love you too." His teeth glisten through his huge, contagious smile. "And what?" He shouts even louder, he puts his hands up to his ears to pretend he can't hear me.
I throw my head back in laughter and put my small hands on his chest. His white shirt is wet with sweat, but he's filled with excitement. The rush of happiness and thrill is intense after a show, and i doesn't wear off for about an hour.
The whole team eventually all stands around the stage. Everyone praises Michael for an amazing performance, as he blushes and nods as if to say thank you, his hands in a prayer position beneath his chin.
"We will definitely be ready for next week, we practically are ready now. But extra rehearsals never hurt." Frank said.
We giggle and each begin individual conversations. Michael and I talk about our plans for the next week. We will obviously be rehearsing a lot but we also have plans for me to meet his family before the tour starts, because we will have no time then.
"Thank you everyone. You were all great. You can go home, have a good rest for tomorrow. 6:15am, sharp. See you then." Michael exclaims to everyone in the huddle. All the dancers file out, but me. Hannah turns her head back towards me while she walks away, giving me a devilish glare. I just raise my hands and frown as if to say, 'what are you staring at?!'.
"Hannah, just turn around." Michael said in a sassy tone, while twirling his finger at her. I love sassy Michael.
I look at him and smirk, while he keeps staring at Hannah as she exits.
"What's her problem?" Michael huffs.
"She likes you! Can't you tell?" I exclaim in shock.
"What?" Michael scoffs in disbelief.
"She hates me because everyone knows we're dating now. She's hated me since we started getting together." I laugh.
"That's unnecessary. I don't want her upsetting you." Michael says looking at me, concerned.
"Michael, baby, I'm fine. It's funny to me." I smile through my words.
"Ok good. Because it's funny to me too", Michael begins to laugh as he lays his hands on his hips.
Michael and I are the last to leave the stage. We step down the little back stairs on the edge, and walk towards the double doors. We push them open, simultaneously and stride through into the long thin corridor. We talk and hold hands as we make our way towards the door at the end of the corridor that leads to the lobby, when the lights go out.
We stop walking. "What?" I say, looking around.
"That's odd, lets go." Michael says, walking quickly towards the door. He clutches my hand tightly, I can tell he's nervous. I guess when you're that valued and desired, people would go to extents to meet him that it could get a bit daunting.
He pushes the door and it doesn't budge. He tries again, it doesn't budge. All I can see it the soft glow from outside on Michael's face.
"What do we do?" I whisper, a bit scared.
"I'm not sure." Michael says, stroking his chin in thought.
"What if we're here all night?" I speak my panicking mind.
"We won't. We will have to find a way out. Come on, let's look." Michael says pulling me down the corridor, back where we came from. The opposite way. It gets darker and darker as we walk, as we are getting further away from the lobby's streetlight glow from outside. I'm getting afraid now. Michael always know what to do.

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