peter pan

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Belle's POV

Michael and I quickly got ready and returned downstairs. I'd tied my uncontrollable curls back into a tidy bun on top of my head, a few pieces falling out at the front. Michael had his usual low ponytail, with little curls framing his face.
"Ready?" Janet called, spinning on the kitchen stool to face us. We were stood by the front door, ready for the day.
"Yep." I declared back, my voice echoing around the halls. Michael unlatched the door and swung it open, releasing masses of swarming heat.
"It's hot out." Michael exhaled as we all walked out and shut the door behind us.
"What're we doin'?" Janet said happily, resting her hands on her hips.
"Anything. Zoo, cinema, rides, train, basketball..." Michael lists as we step out onto the grass.
"I say we work our way from one end to the other." Janet grins slyly.
"Let's do it!" I exclaim running out into the masses of vibrant, green grass.
"Train first." Michael shouts from behind us. I turn to see him fling himself into one of the carts of the sweet, little red train. "C'mon!"
We all sit down in the train as it begins to make its way down the tracks. It looked like something out of a book or a movie, it was like a fantasy.
After admiring the views of Neverland for a while, the train came to a holt. I begin to stand up but Michael gently pushes me back into my seat.
"What?" I giggle.
"Wait for the jerk." Michael said, cupping his hand to his ear. Then, just as he said, the train clicks into place.
"Okay now." He says, before thanking the train driver. We hop off the little train, and walk over to our next destination.
"Michael, did you ever sort things with Joseph?" Janet questions, while we stroll across the luxurious open gardens of Neverland.
"No, I haven't spoken to his since actually." Michael responded, putting his hands in his jeans pockets by his waist. I link my arm to his, as we walk. He wasn't upset, but I just wanted him to know I was there.
"Belle, have you had anything to do with him since?" Janet asks.
"No, nothing at all. Why do you ask?" I say, realising how random of a conversation topic it was to pop into Janet's head without reason.
"His birthday is around the corner, and I was thinking about who would actually be going to the party." Janet shrugs.
"A party?" I say, confused.
"Every year we throw him a party, it's usually hosted at Neverland. Not this year." Michael says.
"Really? That's the first year we haven't done it here bought Neverland!" Janet exclaims, throwing her hands in the air.
"Well, it's different this year." Michael said, raising his eyebrows.
"Is it really that big of an event? I never knew." I say, feeling clueless.
"It's huge. The whole family comes and we get loads of gifts in, it's great." Janet says.
"Not when Joseph is like this, it's not. It would be awkward and I don't want him around Belle either." He assured us. "Enough about him, let's go in the arcade."
I step in the games room to reveal a huge dark room, filled with fluorescent neon lights illuminating the room. The retro games each had their name in lights above it, making you want to play every single one of them.
"This is amazing! I never even knew you had this!" I exclaim, sitting myself on the first game I could find. It was some motorbike game.
"Good choice, that's my favourite." Michael said quietly, walking up behind me. The game was a couple of screens, each with a motorbike to sit on.
Michael put his arm under mine, and onto the handlebars.
"I'll help." Michael whispered in my ear.
"I can do it." I say smiling, allowing him to help, but wanting to sound somewhat calm.
"Sure." Michael smirked, while sitting on the back of the bike behind me. He wrapped his long legs around mine, his arms around my body. I instantly feel so vulnerable and weak whenever he touches me, like he could ask me to do absolutely anything and I would do it. Like some sort of trance.
"We're loosing." I whisper, with a chuckle.
"Not my fault you hit that guy." He responds. I laugh as he begins to plant gentle kisses down my neck. My breath staggers as he holds my hair with his strong hands.
"I love you." He whispers under his breath, between kisses.
"I love you more." I say, turning my body around so that I was facing him. I wrap my little legs around his waist, my hands behind his neck. He gently squeezes my waist as he begins to kiss me. I felt nothing but pure passion and love coming from him. I scrunched his hair in my hand as we kissed, something he likes and so do I.
"Well I'm ready for the next stop, but you guys can stay and make out if you want?" Janet says, standing with her hands on her hips.
"Sorry, we're coming." Michael says, embarrassed as he places me onto the ground. Janet giggles, and I blush profusely as we walk out the darkness of the arcade into the open.
"Where next?" I say, squinting at the sun my eyes had yet to adjust to.
"Movie theatre." Michael squeals, after thinking for a second. He grabs my free hand and skips towards to next building. My other arm was linked around Jan's. Janet giggles as Michael's cute childish behaviour as we arrive at the cinema.
"What do you want to watch?" I say to Michael and Janet, raising my eyebrows.
"I'll watch anything." Janet says, shrugging. Michael nods with a cute smile.
"Okay well, we will go sit in there. You pick." Janet says, pulling me into the theatre, leaving Michael to choose.
The room was beautiful. Red velvet seats filled the centre space, each with a tiny table space for popcorn and drinks. The screen was on a little stage, as I knew could be used for shows for the sick children. Along with beds around the cinema, each protected with a glass wall for the sick children who visited. The cinema had a warm, comforting vibe and smelled like sweet, buttery popcorn.
"Front row, baby!" Janet shouts with her hands in the air, from the seat in the centre at the front. I laugh at her and slouch in the seat beside her.
"So you happy?" Janet asks, gazing her eyes upon me.
"Of course I am, what do you mean?" I say with a slight frown of confusion.
"With Mike. He treating you right?" She says, twirling her braids in her fingers.
"He treats me perfectly, really. I've never been happier." I gush, I can't help but grin.
"Good. He wouldn't hurt you, it isn't in his heart. He really loves you, I can tell." She says, putting her hand on my leg.
"And I really love him." I smirk at her.
"I'm jealous, girl!" Janet exclaims.
"You wanna date you're brother? Lucky for you, there's plenty left." I joke, laughing.
"No no no, that's all kinds of wrong. I'm jealous that you've found true happiness and love. You both have. I'm so happy for you." Janet giggles, then starts to be sincere.
"Thank you, sweet. You will too, I know it." I give her a wink.
The screen suddenly lights up, drawing both our eyes at it.
"What's he picked?" Janet says under her breath.
"My guess is Peter Pan." I smile.
Right as I said it, Michael walks in. His hands full of 3 bags popcorn, as he struggles to hold them.
"Careful!" I say running to him, taking one from his hands.
"Thanks baby." He chuckles, as we walk back down to the front row. I place the popcorn on Janet's table as he dishes his out too.
"What movie is it?" Janet asks, impatiently.
"Peter Pan." Michael says, lounging back in his chair.
"I knew it!" I whispered to Janet. She giggled at me.
"Remember?" Michael said.
"Remember what?" I said, stroking his head.
"When we first met. We were on the mini bus and you were watching Peter Pan. That's when I say next to you and we got talking, properly." He gushes.
"I do remember. That feels like forever ago." I say, smiling up at the screen as it begins to play.
"It does." Michael says, running my hair through his fingers.
Janet looks across at us and stuffs popcorn in her mouth, making us all throw our heads back with laughter.

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