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I'm sat down on a cushioned, white chair at a table for two, fiddling with the sugar pot on the table. Michael has gone to get us breakfast, I asked to go but he said he wanted to do it for me. He's such a gentleman, how did I get so lucky?
I had poured some sugar onto the table and was dreamily making a delicate heart in it with my finger, when my phone rang. It was sat on the table, and the vibrations ruined my drawing.
I pick up. "Hello?"
"Hi baby!", it was my mom.
"Mom! Hi! I'm so sorry I've barely called, I've been so busy." I apologise, knowing she wouldn't mind anyway.
"It's fine B! How is it, are you having fun?" She asks excitedly.
"Yeah are you?" I hear a small, high pitched voice from down the phone. My sister.
"Lex, I miss you!" I say to her.
She's turning 6 in a few months, time flies so fast. I swear she's prettier than me though, her caramel hair reaches her waist and her blue eyes shine. Even in the dark.
"You guys, it's the best experience of my life. We've been rehearsing non stop. But I'm currently out for breakfast with Michael." I say blushing, hoping my mom couldn't tell through the phone.
I've never had a proper boyfriend before, so I knew if my mom knew I liked someone, she'd make it into a huge deal and probably scare them off. She means well in her heart.
"That sounds lovely sweetheart!" She says, "Well I have to take Lexi swimming now, but talk later?"
"Of course mom. I love you."
"I love you too chicken". She hangs up.
Just in time, I put down my phone and look up to see Michael.
He's walking over with a plate in each hand, piled with food.
The front pieces of his hair blow back revealing his beautiful face.
His smile reaches his ears, I can tell how happy he is. I felt the same.
"Ok so I didn't know what you liked, so I kinda got everything" he chuckled shyly.
I look down at the plates he's putting down on the table, smiling.
He got bacon, pancakes, a croissant, fruit salad, eggs and a small pile of cereal in the corner. Interesting.
"Well I love it all, thank you for getting it", I said laughing at his mixture of breakfast food.
He sits down and smiles, cutely.
We dig in to the food and talk for what feels like an hour. Time flies by when I'm with him.


I'm about to go into my hotel room to get changed, as I'm wearing dance clothes and I didn't realise that plans had changed.
"Oh wait!" Michael shouts running down the corridor to me. He places his hand on my shoulder, bending over panting.
I laugh, "you ok?"
"I-I just wanted to t-tell you that I had my assistant pick out an outfit for you. It should be on you're b-bed." He says, struggling to speak.
How he was so out of breath from running down a corridor, and he spends his life dancing, I do not understand.
"Aw you didn't have to do that, Michael." I say sweetly, smiling at his sweet eyes.
"I wanted to." He says, "now go put it on!"
I frolick into my bedroom with joy, I can't stop smiling.
I run over to my bed in excitement.
I gasp.
Laying on my bed, is a Chanel floral play suit, bursting with colours.
It has pinks and greens and whites patterned all over it. It's so beautiful.
I stroke the fabric, and it feels like literal silk. Knowing Michael, it probably is.
I've never worn something so expensive, or so breathtaking.
I quickly drop my clothes to the floor and pick up the playsuit.
I slip it on. It slides against my skin like a wet bar of soap, fitting like a glove.
I look in the full length mirror, and shock myself.
I actually look...good? Wow.
It accentuates my curves and shape.
I smile and myself and squeal with excitement.
I look on the bed to see a pair of RayBans. They were for me.
They had white frames, matching the white details on my playsuit.
"Oh my god" I feel myself whisper under my breath as I examine everything Michael got for me.
How did he know my style so perfectly?
I fix my hair so my curls aren't as frizzy, and decide to leave my hair down. I put the RayBan's on my head and slip on some white dainty sandals.
I take one last look at myself before my day out with Michael. I nod at my reflection, as if to say 'you got this', and step out my room.
I see Michael sat down, leaning on the wall opposite me, just beside his door.
He looks up at me and gasps.
He looks at my feet and slowly works his way up to the sunglasses sitting on top of my hair.
I feel my face burn up crimson.
"You look...insane, Bel." He says with wide eyes.
"Thank you so so much for all this Michael. You really didn't have to." I say appreciatively.
"Don't speak another word of it." He replies, genuinely.
I smile, then realise. "Wait, You were sat on the floor in the corridor waiting for me this whole time?" I ask, frowning.
He stays silent, still staring me in the eyes.
"You could have come in my room, you know." I say, guiltily.
He smirks, "ooo, I would have liked that." He winks.
I roll my eyes and laugh, "not like that!"
I reach down my hand to pull him up, but instead, he pulls me down. I forgot our size difference, and how weak I am.
I fall heavily onto his lap, not elegantly whatsoever.
I cover my face with my hands, embarrassed, as my laugh spills between the gaps in my fingers.
He throws his head back in laughter, filling my ears with joy.
"Sorry" we say in sync, making us laugh even harder.
We eventually get up.
We make our way to the front of the hotel together, I realise I'm still clueless as to where we're going.
"Where actually are we going Mike?" I say tiling my head to the side like a spaniel, as we walk beside each other.
"If I told you" He says loudly, "I'd have to kill you" He then whispers into my ears, with some sort of funny accent.
I guess it's staying a secret.
We step outside, the hot summer air whooshes into our faces.
The sound of car horns, sirens, conversations, shoes speedily clicking on the sidewalk, and general business fill my ears. This is what New York's all about.
Security have formed an open pathway for us to get into our transport.
He takes my small hand in his big one, leading me to a...limousine?
He opens the door and holds it for me to go in first, "my lady?"
I nod sweetly, mimicking some mort of queen. I felt like a queen, and the day was still fresh.
He follows into the car behind me. He has to crouch due to his height, which for some reason was so hot.
Inside, is luxurious black leather sides around the sides of the inner walls. The seats were huge, and had mini in-between every 2. There was bottles of champagne in ice, and as I look up, the ceiling was changing colours in illuminating lights.
"Wow" I say, still looking round.
He nods, "fancy, shmancy."
I roll my eyes and smile, looking at him, "You're used to it by now, mister. I'm not buying it." I laugh.
He shrugs, "But I'm usually alone, it feels less exciting. Now, I'm realising how lucky I am, getting to spend time with people like you."
I blush intensely, as I scooch over to sit by him. We were now touching.
"Ready?" Said the driver, peeking though the tiny hole in the black window block between us and him.
"Yep!" I shout, even thought he was talking to Michael. I was too excited.
He looks at me smiling, "are we now?" He wiggles his eyebrows.
"Yes, we are." I say certainly, through a laugh.
He puts his arm around my shoulders and pulls me in into him. My heart is racing. This is going to be a day to remember.
The limo takes off, here we go.

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