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Rock With You: A Love Story by bjacksonx
Rock With You: A Love Storyby michael jackson
This is the story of Belle, a sweet girl from Pennsylvania, who auditions for the great Michael Jackson's Bad Tour. It soon turns into an enchanting love story, where Be...
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Teacher Crush by TheBriaJ
Teacher Crushby Bria J
Olivia, an 18 year old girl from New York City, is forced to move to Ohio when her mother, Rosie, gets a new job. It is January, the middle of the school year, and Olivi...
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Knocked up by a Smooth Criminal | ON HOLD by thefleekgleek
Knocked up by a Smooth Criminal | Rolanda Zeller
Trailer By L1GHTN1NGBL4ZE Okay so I am not really good with descriptions but here is the basics, If you ship sebtana then your dreams will come true and this is there fa...
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Prince battles going back to being a Vegetarian when he knows there will be Beef this thanksgiving 😂
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You've Been Hit By (Michael Jackson FanFiction) by MeddowsMaylor
You've Been Hit By (Michael MeddowMaylor
(Bad era) "I can't let anything happen to you Kat," "Why, Michael?" "Because I love you too much..." -------------------------------- Pic...
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Imperfect Roommate  by buttercreamSQ
Imperfect Roommate by Michaelbadjackson
Leigh-Anne lives with her brother, Jason, and because his mate is in need of a place to crash and fast. He thought it would be a good idea to move a criminal into his an...
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The Mourner  by MelBaumzero
The Mourner by MelBaumzero
The fruition of my dwellings on and decidedly heavy dosages of high-pathos, noir-themed Michael Jackson songs (specifically, "Al Capone" and "Smooth Crimi...
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Más Que Amigos//T.2 by MichaelJHistorys1982
Más Que Amigos//T.2by MichaelJHistorys1982
Nuevas personas, amores, más conflictos... ¿que pasará?
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You Don't Know? (A Michael Jackson Fan-fiction) by angel58Jksn
You Don't Know? (A Michael angel58Jksn
You meet Michael one day in the crowd, and help him... how you ask??... Read and see...
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This Time Around (Michael Jackson) *ON HOLD FOR NOW* by MeddowsMaylor
This Time Around (Michael Jackson) MeddowMaylor
When Olivia Palmer discovered that her idol, Michael Jackson, had died she realised that she just wanted to know him and save him from his impending fate. A simple wish...
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Bad: The Song Stories by fanofmj
Bad: The Song Storiesby fanofmj
Volume III of the Michael Jackson: Song Stories collection, as originally done by fanofmj. ♪ ♫ ♪ These one-shots follow the stories of the songs that came together in 19...
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Fangs and a Leather Jacket by mjawesome01
Fangs and a Leather Jacketby Axel
Bella just moved into a new house in Brooklyn, New York. She was excited because she's always wanted to leave her boring hometown in Massachusetts. She hoped that this p...
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Smooth Gangsta by LadyPerez
Smooth Gangstaby LadyPerez
The cool blue air swished into his hair.. The blue hue made him glow with his perfect white grin. The streets were dead silent and the buildings stood on edge with the n...
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Michael Jackson Imagines by Tarrantisbonkers
Michael Jackson Imaginesby Elliot
Imaginary stories about Michael and you
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Michael Jackson Imagines by Akira_MJ
Michael Jackson Imaginesby Akira_MJ
Multiple Michael Jackson imagines with different eras. Requests open! Don't forget to also say what era you would like your request to be in! ENJOY!
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SMUT BOAT by PixelBoi
SMUT BOATby the universe is a metaphor fo...
Welcome to the Smut Boat. Who knows what you'll find...
Amora by TheBriaJ
Amoraby Bria J
After losing her father at age 15, Naila made some unintelligent choices. She got into drugs, alcohol, and sexual encounters. Because of her negative behavior, she found...
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MJ & The Family  by genwil4261
MJ & The Family by Geniyah Willoughby
this story is gonna be about all of Michael Jackson's Eras hanging out, roasting and living with each other, have fun
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Cotton Club: Bloodlust by IndigoGoddess7
Cotton Club: Bloodlustby Jasmine 🌸
You can take the girl out the country, but you can't take the country out the girl. Isabelle Rayne, is a young, naive, woman, whom has moved from her sheltered lifestyle...
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Smooth lover  by _Mikezilla_Jackson_
Smooth lover by Mikezilla
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