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Belle's POV

The light soon dimmed, signalling the awards show was about to begin. Michael squeezed my hand and flashed me an excited grin, as we sat back in our seats waiting for something to happen.
Soon enough, Mick Fleetwood stepped out on stage. He walked up to the glass podium, as the spotlight shone down on him. Everyone began to clap and cheer, smiles on everyone's delightful faces.
"Thank you, Thank you. Welcome to the American Music Awards of 1988. I thank you all for coming tonight. We have so many talented faces in here tonight, and so many well-earned awards to give away. Please all take you're seats, as the show begins!" He announces, glowing from the stage lights.
We all take our seats, and watch the show. Michael lost the 'Favourite Pop/Rock Male Artist' award to Paul Simon, but he didn't seem to mind. He was nominated for another one, and he was enjoying himself anyway.
A few awards later, Janet won an award for her 'When I Think Of You' music video. Michael and I stand up and cheer at the top of our voices, as she stepped up on stage and accepted the award. She was wearing a black suit with black leather gloves, her only hair hanging curly from above her head. Her hair looked just like Michael's, but longer.
"She looked amazing." I say to Michael, leaning towards him so he could hear me.
"I know!" He said, not taking his eyes off Janet. He was too sweet.
Many minutes of clapping and watching later, it was time for Michael's last chance at winning an award, 'Bad' was up for 'Favourite Soul R&B Single." He was up against Levert and Jody Watley.
As a snippet of Michael's song began to play out the speakers, we heard a shout of 'Michael Jackson's Bad!" down the microphone.
Michael shot up, and I stood up beside him. He wrapped his arms around my back and kissed my lips, and whispered "I love you."
"I love you! I'm so proud of you, now go get the award!" I shout smiling, pushing him towards the front.
The crowd was going absolutely wild. Everyone was shouting, whistling, clapping, chanting and dancing. It was so beautiful to see all this love and excitement for my baby, and to see him so happy.
Everyone was wearing black and white suits, hair and face perfectly made. There was such an array of beautiful, colourful dresses and I felt like I fitted in perfectly with my gorgeous red one.
I stayed stood up, among everyone else and watched him walk across the stage to the podium.
He was handed the award by Eddie Murphy, his good friend, as they shook hands and nodded.
Everyone was still ecstatic, not going quiet, Michael stood at the microphone chucking at their passion. Michael and Eddie joked around about, causing everyone in the crowd to laugh.
"Thank you everyone!" He finally said.
My face had a huge smile painted across it, ear to ear, as I watched him and his happy self. He kissed his two fingers and put them in the air, making everyone go wild again.
"Thank you very much, Eddie Murphy. I'd like to thank God who makes all things possible. I'd like to thank Berry Gordy, who gave me my first start in professional show business. And all the Epic family. Thank you so much for this award. I really appreciate it. I'd like to thank my mother, father and all my siblings for the love and support. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for them. And the public, thank you! I'd also like to thank Belle, my beautiful girlfriend." He said, winking down at me on front row.
I felt my face be overcome with pink embarrassment, as everyone looked at me and smiled. I was so blessed and happy.
"Thank you again for this award. I love you all." He said, nodding, and stepping back from the podium. He whispered to some people on stage and made his way back down, still smiling. He was clutching his award in both hands, as he stared at me.
"Well done baby! I'm so proud of you." I say gushing.
"I love you, babe." He says, sitting beside me, looking at his stunning award. It was a glass pyramid with his name engraved on the bottom.
"Where you gonna put it?" I say chuckling, stroking the side of it.
"Somewhere safe." He says, kissing my cheek.
About an hour later, the show had finished and everyone was filing out the arena to go to after parties or whatever.
Michael held my hand hand as I walked a little behind him. He knew where to go and what to do much more than me. We soon got out into the open, and had a few more photos taken together.
"Do you wanna go to a party or head back?" Michael said, looking me on the eyes.
"I'll do whatever." I say smiling.
"I'm quite tired so is it okay if we head back?" He says, shrugging.
"Of course, Michael." I say, as we stride over to our limo.
"Ay, Mike! You won!" Ben shouts from in the limo.
"Yes!" Michael chuckles as we take our seats.
"Well done, man." Simon says, with a genuine smile full of pride.
"Thank you guys." Michael responded, as the limo began to move.
"I'm really so proud of you. Not only are you the kindest man I've ever met, you're insanely talented and successful. And you're mine." I say, resting my head on Michael's shoulder.
He doesn't respond, so I look up at him. His face is full of emotion as he bites his lip, with the cutest smile I've ever seen. He has a glisten in his eye, that makes me slightly suspicious.
"What?" I say slowly, smiling at him while raising my eyebrows.
"Nothin'. I'm just in love with you." He says, putting his big hands around my waist and pulling me onto his lap. My legs are either side or him, as my forehead leans against his.
I trace my little fingers around his carved jawline, and kiss his warm lips.
"What's that for?" He says, with a charming smile.
"I don't know, I'm just happy. Happy with you." I say, resting my head on his chest, as he puts his arms around me. I sigh with happiness.
"Did I tell you you look really good?" Michael whispers into my ear, his warm breath sending chills down my spine.
"I don't think so actually." I joke, with a beam.
"Well ya do." He breathes. I look up at him, and just smile his features.
His eyes are so big it is unbelievable. They are full of emotion, I can always tell how he's feeling by his huge, dark. A single inky curl falls between his defined brows, which looks incredibly sexy. His little cute nose in the centre of his glorious complexion, always seems to be smiling. And his lips, oh his lips, sweet and warm. They look like a dream, like a cloud. When he smiles, I physically can't stop myself from doing the same. His pearly teeth sparkle whether it's dark or light.
"What are you looking at?" He says, his lips beginning to smirk.
"You." I say, continuing to gaze at his face.
"Is there something wrong with my face?" He giggles, scrunching up his nose.
"Absolutely nothing. You're perfect, I don't understand." I whisper, causing him to blush. I love when I make him blush, as he does it to me so easily, it makes me feel successful and like I have some sort of emotional power over him.
He plants sweet kisses all over my face, as I squeal, it feels like a million little fish tickling my face.
"Everything alright back there?" Simon says, peering over his shoulder at us. "Oh it looks more than alright, Mike, you having fun?" He says with a suggesting wink, as he looks at me sat up against Michael with my legs around his body.
Michael winks back over me, "Oh yeah." He chuckles, with a boyish attitude.
I gasp and slap his shoulder in shock, but I begin to snicker.
Michael shrugs and raises his eyebrows, with a suppressed laugh.
Simon laughs and turns back around, "We're nearly there, don't have too much fun." He says casually, making me blush as I shake my head.
I smother my face into Michael's chest to hide my embarrassment, as his chest shakes with laughter.
We soon pull up to Neverland, but Michael and I were too busy making out to hunk about getting out the car.
"Everyone decent?" Simon laughs, knocking gently on the window. I pull back from Michael and laugh, letting out a loud, fake sexual moan. This makes Ben and Simon throw their heads back in laughter, then I look at Michael and he's doing the same.
"Never heard that before." Michael chuckles at me, as I pull myself off him to get out the limo.
I give him a wink and shuffle towards the door. Michael grabs my leg and pulls me back towards him playfully, leaving me laying on my back across the seats.
"We have to get out!" I shout, smirking.
"I can leave you in there, if you're getting nasty." Simon shouts from outside the car door, making me laugh this time.
Michael hovers above me, on his hands and knees, his hair falling down towards me.
"We'll escort ourselves out in a minute." Michael shouts. Ben and Simon nod and walk away, wolf whistling all the way, *mentally rolls eyes*.
"Will we now?" I say, placing my hands on Michael's chest, his heart beating rapidly.
"Mhmm." He hums in response, nodding his beautiful head. He looked so damn good.
He began to kiss me with passion, his body moving rhythmically against mine.
"Baby." He mutters through his lips, as we progress.

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