happy 6 months, baaaby

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Melbourne, Australia
The Park Hyatt Hotel

"Are you sure I don't look too overdressed?" Belle whines as she spins around to present her outfit to me for the fifth time. A crimson red dress hangs delicately from just below her dainty shoulders, twinkling in the light. It reaches just above her feet, which are encased in a pair of intricate silver stilettos.
"Bel, you look perfect. When I say dress fancy, I mean it. Trust me." I raise my eyebrows as I stand up from the plushy armchair in the corner of the hotel room. The wooden floor creaks as I step over to Belle and place my hands on her hips.
"Okay, I trust you. What are you wearing?" She looks into my eyes with curiosity and admiration, tailoring her head like a confused spaniel.
"I have a suit." I nod.
"Go put it on!" She gently pushes me away, her hands against my chest.
I stumble backwards and giggle, "Okay, okay!"
I stroll into the bedroom with a slight joyful bounce in my walk. I reach for the white garment bag hung on the back of the door and take it into the bathroom with me.
Carefully, I unzip the bag to reveal the beautiful suit I had asked for. I specifically ordered the finest black woollen fabric, a simple white shirt and a slim black tie. I trace my hands down the silky blazer, before slipping the outfit onto my body.
I stand in front of the full-length mirror and examine my appearance. I tie my inky curls back into a low ponytail, a few sparse curls escaping around my face.
"Damn, Michael." I see Belle leaning on the door frame, admiring my reflection.
I blush as turn to face her, "Thank you, beautiful."
"But, just one thing..." She steps up to me and gently pulls the hair tie from my hair, releasing my curls as they fall softly onto my shoulder. "Perfect." She nods sweetly.
I kiss her forehead, my hands holding her head.
"You ready?" I whisper with a humble smile.
"Yep. Let me just grab my clutch." She trots off making her dress flow angelically in the blow.

Soon after, we are walking down the humid streets of Melbourne as we stroll towards to the limo awaiting our arrival.
"Is there a red carpet I don't know about?" The familiar Aussie voice of the driver exclaims, with a slight chortle.
"No, just dinner." I chuckle, hopping into the back of the glossy limo. Belle follows close behind me and slams the door after us.
"Where to?" He shouts.
"Eureka 89." I reply bluntly.
"Fancy, man." He widens his eyes as we begin to powerfully roll down the road.

Eureka 89 Tower, Southbank

I take Belle's perfectly manicured hand in mine, as we step into the silver elevator of the building.
"I already feel out of place." Belle says quietly, admiring the beauty of the interior.
"Don't. We're just as welcome as anyone else." I smile, squeezing her hand.
"You are, no one even knows who I am." She chuckles.
"And we don't know any of the people upstairs. It's not a problem, babe." I reply with sincerity.
The elevator swiftly swooshes upwards, transporting us to the restaurant on the very top floor.
"Have I mentioned how hot you look?" Belle bites her bottom lip as she admires my figure.
"You do make me blush, Belle Smith." I sigh, wrapping my arms around her little waist. She smiles up at me as we step out of the elevator.
The restaurant is breathtaking. I knew it would be stunning, but this is breathtaking.
All of the exterior walls are glass, bottom to top, presenting the beautiful sunset over Southbank's skyline. The vibrancy and colour of the sky paints onto the faces in the room. The red cushioned seats surround small black tables, all beside to glorious view.
"We booked a table, Jackson." I say quietly.
"Michael...Jackson?" The employee raises his voice. I simply nod and smile shyly, I didn't really want to cause a scene. "Can you sign a napkin, man?" The man hyperventilates as everyone begins to cast their eyes upon us.
"Uh...sure." I say politely while autographing a white serviette with a black marker.
"Thank you so much. I love you, Michael." He gushes.
"Love you too." I chuckle. Belle just smiles sweetly at the worker.
"Is this...Isabelle?" He widens his eyes at her.
"It is." She giggles.
"Wow. What an honour, I'm Troy. Such a pleasure to meet you guys." He shakes her hand, then mine.
"You too, Troy." Belle responds.
"Oh! The table! So sorry. I'll give you guys the table with the most privacy." He says as he picks up a couple of big menus and leads us across the restaurant to our designated table.
Every face turns to face me as I walk across awkwardly in the silence of the room. What feels like a million pairs of burning eyes pierce into me as I self-consciously saunter past.
"I'll be back in a minute for you're orders." The waiter nodded politely after Belle and I took our seats in the dim-lit cherry booth.
"Thank you." Belle and I say in unison as the waiter leaves us alone. Belle turns her body to look at me, the warm lighting illuminating her face making her eyeshadow shimmer beautifully. I gently stroke her smooth cheek with the back of my hand, our eyes locked. We simply bathe in each other's presence for a while, the luxurious silence blessing our ears.
"What would you like to eat?" I breathe, breaking the beloved silence.
"I'm leaning towards the lobster. You?" She frowns at the glossy black menu.
"I'll have the-"
"Steak?" She interrupts me.
"I'm that predictable?" I giggle.
"Or I just know you inside out." She smirks with loving eyes.
"That's true. Do you know what today is?" I smile. It's true, she knows me better than anyone. Vice versa.
"Of course I know what today is." She giggles cutely.
"What?" I lean my elbows on the table and rest my head on my palm.
"Saturday." She says nonchalantly.
After a pause, I shake my head.
"What? Is it Sunday?" She frowns, confused.
"Nope, it's Saturday." I huff.
"What then, baby? Tell me." She shakes my arm gently.
"You should remember!" I raise my hands up.
"I'm sorry." She puts her face into her palms.
After a little silence, I whisper into her ear, "Happy 6 months, baby."

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