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November 28, 1987
Sydney, Australia
Michael's POV


The only sound playing in my ears is the soothing hum of the the limo rolling down the gravely road. Alongside the gentle tapping of rain drizzling on to the limo, which makes me smile. I sigh with gratitude as I open my heavy eyes to see the beautiful, hazy city of Sydney at night. All the lights we pass blur into one, huge mystical mess. Ben and Simon are evidently equally as tired as us as they seem to be sat in silence also, Ben driving. Everything is so serene and chilled.
"You okay?" Belle says, her voice sweet like warm agave.
"Yeah. Everything is perfect." I switch my gaze now upon Belle. Her dark, chocolate hair reflects glowing moonlight, as I twist it around my tired fingers.
"Good." She replies quietly, while snuggling her head beneath my arm which I then wrap around her small frame. I trace my pointer finger up and down her upper arm as she shuts her delicate eyes. I let my head lean onto the cold car window, emulsifying the raindrops power and volume.
The journey back to the hotel seems to never end, which I love, it's a safe haven I never want to leave. Every time I wake up slightly from my sleep, I am met with the same continuous drone of the vehicles tyres grazing along.

25 minutes later . . .

Belle and I wake up simultaneously to the same jolt as the limo holts abruptly.
"Are we here?" I croak, half asleep.
"Yep. We'll take your bags and sort out the keys." Ben drones, sliding out the car with a lack on energy.
"Where are we?" Belle frowns with confusion and looks about like a lost sheep, making me chuckle.
"At the hotel, babe." I stroke the top of her hair before pushing open the heavy limo door.

A few minutes later, Belle and I arrive on the third floor (after many, many thin and twirling flights of steps) of the shiny, Park Royal Hotel. We both drag our feet as we traipse towards our designated suite, conveniently beside Ben and Simon's room.
"G'night, guys." Simon yawns before disappearing into his room.
"Night everyone." I mutter with a forced hint of energy. I feel like the walking dead, but I'm too over-the-moon to care.
Belle and I quickly take off our make up in the large, bathroom mirror, which she had to stand on her toes to see herself in which I moused her about for, and rush into bed. We probably did a very poor job of it, but we can sort that out tomorrow. As soon as my face hit the pillow I snapped into sleep, and I presume Belle did the exact same as we never spoke a word from then on.

The next day . . .

Before I even open my eyes, my mind begins to scan over my day's plan. We have another show at the Parramatta Stadium tonight, then we have six nights until my next show, in Brisbane. I decided to set us to have a couple more nights in this hotel before travelling again, to enjoy this beautiful place. One of my favourite things about being on tour is being able to experience all the different cultures. I find it so interesting how varied the world is. The food, the people, the traditions and the entire way of life is so different everywhere you go. Another reason would be, of course, the fans. We are like one huge family and I love to be able to put on a great show for them; to give them a night to remember. Especially the children. When they come in all different Thriller jackets and fedoras it never fails to make me smile, even cry.
"Morning." Belle chirps, leaning on the bathroom door frame. Her hair is thrown up into a messy bun, my favourite. I then notice she's wearing one of my shirts. It's blue and white jailhouse striped. It's even big on me, so on her it's practically a dress.
"You look good in my shirts, wear them more." I roll over and prop my head up on my hand to look at her.
"Thank you, baby. Don't expect them back." She winks at me playfully before coming and sitting on the edge of the bed, her legs crossed.
"What's the time?" I say, rubbing my eyes.
"8." She says.
"That late?" I gasp, making her laugh. "What?"
"8 is early for normal people, Mike. Don't worry. Let yourself relax abit." She says, in a nurturing manner.
"You're right." I smirk, slightly embarrassed.
"I always am." She sighs, sarcastically.
"True." I blush.
"Oh, shush." She shakes her head. She looks so cute.
"What are we doin' today? We have hours before the show." I ask, sitting up.
"We need to be at the arena at 5:45 I heard someone say. So, we can chill until then. Or go out, I don't mind. What do you want to do?" She says. I don't know how she knows all of he timings and I don't, but I'm glad someone does.
"I say we chill here. We don't have enough time just to ourselves." I reply, hoping she will agree. Our chill days are always my favourite.
"That sounds perfect." She sighs, falling back onto the bed.

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