my jackson

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The Next Day

Michael's POV

I gradually open my eyes, adjusting to the brightness of the morning. The sun was striking in the bedroom through the blinds, pinning me to my bed. I turn over under the duvet, hoping to see Belle's pretty face sound asleep. But no. She's gone.
I sit up and rub my tired eyes, in the hope of feeling more awake, but I fail. Belle and I were up pretty late in the limo last night in the limo, but it was one of the best nights of my life.
I haul myself out of bed and shuffle into the bathroom, to have a refreshing shower. I leave the door open, because no one is home apart for Belle and possibly some cleaners, but they wouldn't come in if they heard the shower was on.
I flick on the switch, and the water shoots down the the ground, smacking the ceramic tiles. I undress while the water warms up, and then hop in behind the steamy glass wall.
The feeling of warm water trickling down you're body in the morning, is truly luxurious. It feels like a big hug and you never want to get out. I wash my hair thoroughly with citrus shampoo and conditioner, and step out the shower.
I wrap a white, fluffy towel around my waist. The towel was warm from being on the radiator which sent chills down my body.
I grabbed my comb from beside the sink and walked out the bathroom, humming and combing my hair.
As I walk downstairs, I could hear someone singing. A female voice. And it was beautiful. I reach the bottom of the grand staircase, my slippers slapping the marble floor, and walk into the kitchen, following the sound.

Got me feeling emotions,
Deeper than ever dreamed of,
You got me feeling emotions,
Higher than the heavens above.

"Belle! You sound amazing!" I say, stood in the archway of the door with an amazed expression. She instantly turned around from what she was doing and flashed me a smile. God, I love that smile.
"You're up!" She said, giving me a soft kiss.
"And you sing beautifully." I respond, still in awe of her talent. Her voice was so soft, yet so powerful.
"Don't pretend you haven't heard me sing, I auditioned for you, remember?" She says giggling, her hands behind my neck.
"I guess I forgot, seeing as you got the dancer part. You really sounded beautiful." I say, looking in her dark, smiling eyes.
"Thank you, baby." She says, with a smirk.
"Why the smirk? I mean it!" I say, raising my eyebrows.
"It's just, you're Michael Jackson. Im sure you've heard people way better than me. For example, yourself." She says, removing her hands from my neck and walking back to the island in the middle of the kitchen.
"Belle, you sounded like an angel." I say, following her and wrapping my arms around her waist, all of our bodies touching.
"Well, thank you." She said, leaning her head back at me. I kiss her forehead, making her smile.
"What are you doing, anyway?" I ask, as she slaps shut a notebook. She had clearly been doing something in it, but I couldn't see. "What's that?"
"Why all the questions?" She says, raising her eyebrows.
"Let me see!" I say putting my hand on the notebook.
"No, Michael." She says, starting to blush. Why was she embarrassed? Now I have to know.
I snatch the book and hold it high above my head, where I know she couldn't reach it.
"That's not fair." She says, attempting to jump, but failing miserably. She is 5"3 and I'm roughly 5"9.
"I'm looking." I say, rhetorically.
"Fine." She says, covering her face with her dainty hands.
I open the little book, it was brown leather with gold details around the sides of the cover.
I open it to the page with a ribbon as a bookmark, to reveal a drawing. A beautiful, intricate, detailed drawing. Of me. Although it was unfinished, it was definitely me. It said 'My Jackson' in cursive at the top. I could see my curly dark hair shaded in with pencil, along with my eyebrows, eyes, skin and nose. The lips weren't shaded yet, which I presume is what she was going to do next, if I hadn't interrupted her. In her curly handwriting, there were notes surrounding the outside of the drawing.

His sweet, pink lips
His cute, caramel nose
His alluring, inky curls
His dark, kind eyes
His smooth, perfect skin

"I'm going to have a shower, bye!" Belle quickly shouts as she attempts to scurry away from the situation.
"No, no, no you're not. You did this?" I say grabbing her wrist, my eyes wide and my lips in a huge smile. She nods and plays with the ring on her finger, nervously.
"It's absolutely incredible. I love it." I say, picking her up. She curls her legs around my body, her hands round my neck. She gives me a small smile, her face blushing.
"Really?" She says, in a small voice, her face close to mine.
"I'm speechless, this is me right?" I say, realising it could not even be me.
"Yeah, it's you." She says, smiling, pointing at the words 'My Jackson' at the top of the beloved page.
My heart just flutters with joy, love and happiness as I press my lips against hers with intensity and heat.
The fact she just drew this and wrote such kind, meaningful words around it without even telling me, shows how good of a person she is. She is so pure and sweet. I can't believe how lucky I am. This is one of the nicest, cutest things anyone has done for me. And it was such a good drawing, as well.
"You can keep it, when it's finished." She whispered.
"I'm putting in a frame. Seriously." I smile, my eyes locked with hers. "God, I love you."
"I love you." She says, delicately brushing the fallen curls out my face.
"You go have you're shower, and I'll fix breakfast." I say, sitting her little body down onto the island. She hops off, making her seem small next to me.
"Okay." She speaks, as she skips away. I could tell she feels just as happy and in love as I do.
"I love you!" I shout.
"You just told me that, silly." She giggles.
"Well, I still do." I say, smiling at my stupidness.
I hear her sweet laugh from the staircase, as she responds, "And so do I."
I decide to let her go, and start breakfast. Then I realise, I can't cook. I stride over to the phone hanging on the wall, and get Marie to bring over a breakfast.
Quite a few minutes later, I hear the front door open and someone walk in. I go into the hallway to see, it's Marie. She feels welcome enough to invite herself in, as she has for years.
"Hey, thanks for this." I say.
"It's my job. Literally." She said, snickering.
I laugh, "Can you help me put it in the kitchen?"
"Sure, Mike." She says while scooting her cart into the kitchen. We both place the plates of food onto the island. French toast, pancakes, yoghurt with fruit, bacon, English muffins, sausages, croissants....
"Wow, you know I said breakfast for 2 right?" I say, raising my eyebrows at the feast.
"I wanted to give you a choice, anything you don't eat just put it in the fridge for tomorrow." She says smiling.
"Well, thank you. I'll see you tomorrow." I say as I walk her to the front door.
"See you, Mike. Enjoy. Oh wait!" She exclaims.
"What?" I say, she made me jump.
"Did you ever fix it all with you're father?" She asked, genuinely. I told her about this the day after we fell out, and honestly I forgot about it I've been so happy recently.
"Yeah, thanks. It's fine now." I lie.
"Ok, good. He gets on my nerves, always has. As long as you're ok." She says rubbing my arm.
"I am, don't worry." I say, smiling at her. She returns the smile and shuts the door behind her.
I walk back to the kitchen, to see Belle.
"You made this?" She said, frowning.
"No, Marie did." I laugh.
"I was gonna say, since when can you cook?" She said, seriously. I gasp and chuckle, because it's true. I can't. "Where's Marie then?"
"She just left." I say, getting cutlery out the drawer. I see a smile form on Belle's face. "She's nice, you know." I say, smirking.
"I'm sure she is." She responds, sarcastically.
"You would actually get along well, if you didn't instantly hate her guts." I say.
"Yeah, we could have sleepovers. And braid each other's hair, and have movie nights." She continues with the sarcasm, although I found it quite funny.
"Seriously! You would get along! Try be nice to her, for me?" I say, looking her in the eyes. I felt like I was scolding a naughty kid.
"Fine. I'll tolerate her. But no sleepovers, I was kidding." She says, raising her hands in surrender.
"Thank you, sweet." I say, laughing.
We stuff our faces with all the foods, and I put the leftovers in the fridge.
"What do you wanna do for our second to last day  before the tour?" She says, sipping her glass of orange juice.
"I have a plan." I say, with a wink. I planned that I would take Belle to Hendry's beach. It was one of the biggest beaches in Santa Barbra and amazing for water sports.
"What do I wear?" She said, looking excited.
"Anything you want, it doesn't matter. Just bring a bikini." I say.
"The beach?" She shouts with enthusiasm. I just smile at her and shrug cluelessly, but it's clear that I'm saying yes.
She squeals with happiness and dashes out of the kitchen to get ready.
I giggle, "You're so cute." She looks at me smiling, her legs continue to run up the stairs.
I walk slowly up the stairs behind her, smiling. This is going to be a fun day.

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