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a month later

i sat, with one of blake's guitars in my hand, as the two of us were in his bedroom, just messing about a bit.

i lay the guitar down on my lap, placing the pick on top of it, and leant forwards to grab a bottle of water, only for the pick to fall into the guitar.

i giggled, "sorry." but blake looked less amused than i was.

i tipped the guitar upside down, to try and shake the pick out, but it wouldn't come out, me giggling all the while, blake gradually getting more frustrated.

"i'll do it." he groaned after a minute or two, taking the guitar off me, and tipping the guitar in such away that the pick fell out almost immediately.

"oh, well done." i giggled, but he just rolled his eyes.

my phone buzzed, and as it was closer to blake, he looked down to see who had texted me, and he scoffed when he saw it.

"what's the matter?" i asked and reached across to grab my phone, seeing luke's name on the screen, him having asked me if i was okay, followed by quite a few kisses.

"enjoy." blake spat, then got up and sulked downstairs.

i groaned, as nothing was now happening with luke and i, and we were just friends, and i'd told blake that so many times.

"blake." i called, and he stopped, a few steps down.

"what?" he said harshly.

"luke and i are just friends. you know this, why won't you trust me?!"

"yeah, just friends send each other loads of kisses. why are you even still talking to him, anyway?" he rolled his eyes.

"blake, i only send him one, or two kisses, he's just being friendly! and he's my dad's best friend's son, i'm hardly going to be a dick to him." i said, but blake only scoffed and continues walking downstairs.

i sighed, going upstairs to see blake's bedroom door shut, something it often wasn't unless it was night, it only being early evening now.

blake and i got into a little argument today, and he was now ignoring me, and i guess i wasn't exactly making an effort with him.

at about midnight, having tried to go to sleep at eleven, and not having succeeded, i got out of bed and quietly walked out of my room and into blake's, wordlessly getting into his bed, not being able to help myself.

"goodnight." i mumbled, it being weird not being cuddled by him, as i normally was most evenings if both of us were at home.

blake didn't reply, so i moved forward, both of us laying on our sides facing eachother, his eyes closed, but i knew he wasn't asleep.

"i couldn't sleep." i said quietly, grabbing his arm and moving it over my waist.

he tightened his arm around my waist, pulling me closer to him, but still didn't say anything.

"i'm sorry, blake. i love you." i said, and he opened his eyes to look at me.

"i love you too." he offered me a small smile, "and i'm sorry, too."

"please just trust me that i would never cheat on you, and i'm not talking to him." i sighed.

"yeah, i guess i just get a little worried as you can't exactly tell him you've got a boyfriend. and you're gorgeous, he clearly wants you." blake sighed too.

"but, i only want you." i couldn't help but lean forward to kiss him softly for a few moments, before pulling away, him smiling at me as i closed my eyes, happy that the two of us were okay now, and we both fell asleep quickly.

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