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i kicked my shoes off and ran up to my room, blake close behind me.

he closed my door behind us and stepped to me, closing the distance between us, as his arms slipped around my slim waist, pulling my front to his.

a smile spread across my lips, one doing the same on his.

i moved my hands up to his hair, letting my fingers tangle with the soft, dark brown strands, as i gently tugged his face closer to my own.

blake tilted his head, pressing his lips to mine, his arms lovingly wrapping tighter around my waist, as i felt him smile into the kiss, causing me to do the same.

he pulled away slightly to mumble, "i love you." before kissing me again, my smile broadening.

"i love you too." i replied, breaking the kiss once more, before our lips met again and my hands moved to cup his cheeks.

blake unzipped the back of my dress gently, his hands carefully pulling it down my shoulders as it gathered around my waist, his fingertips tracing over my bare back delicately, our kiss still yet to be broken.

i unbuttoned his shirt, taking it off him gently, as he picked me up and placed me on my bed, allowing me to take my dress off fully, as he pulled off his trousers, leaving the two of us to snuggle under the duvet in just our underwear.

"do you want to watch a movie?" blake asked, and i nodded, grabbing the sky tv remote.

"can we watch the new kingsman?"

"yeah, i really want to see that." he said softly with a smile.

i started it, cuddling into blake's side, his arm around my waist as the tv played from scene to scene.

looking up to the boy next to me, a fond smile broke out on my lips as he intently focused on the characters, and i rested my head on his shoulder, causing him to break his gaze at the screen and place a delicate kiss to the top of my head, before getting transfixed again.

unable to resist, i leant up to kiss him and after a moment, he pulled me onto his lap so that i was straddling him.

opening my mouth so that the kiss could deepen, i trailed my hands down blake's chest to the waistband of his boxers, his hands trailing up my back to unclip my bra.

i moved my hips against his, feeling him harden underneath me, and he let out a quiet moan into my mouth.

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