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(a week later)

i facetimed blake and he picked up, scowling at me.

"blake, can you please fucking believe me for once that there is nothing going on between luke and me." i said, blake sighing.

yesterday, luke and i had met up again, him insisting on putting a photo of himself on my snapchat story again, giving himself a shoutout.

"the two of you seem pretty close."

"yeah, we are, but as friends. nothing more."


"i can't keep doing this everyday." i mumbled.

"cool, but you can do him everyday." blake snorted and i rolled my eyes.

"oh, shut up, blake. you clearly don't trust me, so i don't think this is working. i'll see you in a two weeks." i snapped, ending the call before blake could say anything.

i collapsed onto my bed, a few stray tears falling down my cheeks.

i didn't want to break up with blake, i loved him, but with him being jealous and making me feel like shit, constantly accusing me of stuff, i just couldn't deal with.

i knew he was just caring and worried, and i may have overreacted, but i decided it would be good for the two of us to have a break, at least until he returned from tour.

just before i was about to go to bed, at about 10.36pm, blake sent me a snapchat video of some pretty girl in a short, tight dress, him and her both holding drinks, and i assumed he was drunk, trying to make me jealous, so i just ignored him.

i went to twitter, and one tweet caught my attention from one of blake's fans, asking who a girl was, a photo attached of him and the girl, who i recognised from the video he'd sent me a while ago, leaving a club.

i tweeted 'how would i know?? i'm just his step sister lol idc', though in reality i couldn't fight my jealousy and anger at blake and that girl, for so publicly hooking up, and i just turned my phone off, going to bed.

(the next day)

me: who were u with last night?

blake: lmao idk her name

blake: but why do u care?? we're not going out

i ignored him, his replies having pissed me off, though his last comment was true.

being the salty, jealous bitch i currently was, i texted luke, inviting him over, and he gladly took up the offer, arriving just over half an hour later.

i lead luke up to my room, and we sat and talked for a while, music playing in the background.

my breath hitched and my heart thumped in my chest as luke's gaze fell to my lips, and he leant forwards, pressing his lips to my own.

i had no intention of pulling away, instead closing my eyes and allowing his arms to slip around my waist, my hands going to his neck and jaw, but despite the attractiveness of the boy kissing me, my mind couldn't help from wandering to the black haired boy.

i pushed thoughts of blake out of my head, he'd slept with a girl the night before, and if he thought luke and i were doing things like this, why not make his assumptions true, and it wasn't cheating as we'd now broken up.

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