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"what's lexie doing in here?" soulla asked and i pretended to be waking up, yawning.

"oh, we watched a movie last night, we must've both fallen asleep." blake said lightheartedly, and soulla smiled, believing him, and i sat up in bed next to blake, rubbing my eyes.

"you are two lazy children." she joked and blake and i laughed softly, "anyways, i came up, because i was wondering if you wanted to come out for breakfast with myself and your dad." soulla turned to me at the end.

"yeah, of course." i smiled, and blake nodded as well.

"yeah, thanks, mum. we'll be down in a bit." blake said, and i went to get out of bed, as soulla left to walk back downstairs.

blake grabbed my hand, pulling me back onto his bed, and kissing me again.

"i need to get ready." i laughed, pulling away for a moment, but because of the look on his face, and due to me not having done this for a month, i gave in, leaning down to kiss him once more, before going into my room to get dressed and brush my hair.

we went out to a cute café for breakfast, and, like usual, blake and i sat next to each other, opposite our respective parent.

after a few minutes, once we'd all ordered, i smirked slightly, placing my palm on blake's thigh discretely, and lightly moving my hand up and down, my fingertips brushing against his inner thigh over his jeans.

he tensed slightly, but didn't say anything, or even look at me, and he relaxed into my touch after a moment, but his bulge grew slightly, causing me to have to stifle a laugh as i talked to my dad.

"i'm gonna just go to the toilet before the food comes." i said with a smile, lightly brushing my hand over blake's crotch before getting up.

"yeah, i'm gonna go too."  i heard blake say behind me, and he followed me, reaching me just outside the toilets.

"you're such a tease." he whispered, pressing a single kiss to my neck, and i smirked, walking into the ladies' toilets to further tease him.

blake and i walked upstairs once we got back home, and he grabbed my wrist, pulling me into his room and closing his door, pushing my back against it and kissing me hungrily.

"pipe down, tiger." i teased with a little laugh and he grinned, it not lasting long, as his lips were soon back on my own, but i didn't at all mind.

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