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i lightly knocked on blake's door at about 10am, having woken up only a few minutes earlier, and opened it a moment later.

"morning." i said, lifting my hand to cover up a yawn, and going to sit on top of the covers on blake's bed, him sat up, phone in hand, just in boxers, his legs under the covers.

he looked at me blankly, "you alright?" i asked, confused.

"yeah, i'm fine." he said, looking away from me, back to his phone.

"have i done something?" i spoke softly.

"huh?" he didn't even glance up.

"what's up? why're you annoyed at me?"

"m'not." he mumbled.

frustrated, i grabbed his phone from his hands, placing it on his bed behind me to force him to look at me.

"what the fuck?" he said abruptly.

"answer me properly." i demanded, "what have i done?"

"nothing." he rolled his eyes.

"blake, it's quite clearly not nothing." i scoffed, confused, and he belligerently ignored me, staring at something in his room.

"blake, please."

"what? why do you care?"

"why wouldn't i care?"

"well i mean you seemed pretty content with that guy yesterday, and you seemed pretty adamant not to display any public affection towards me at all." he said.

"blake, i put my hands up on that ride, and that guy out his hands up so mine was stuck, and i couldn't move it back down. he held my hand, i didn't hold his." i explained, "and we've never spoken before, or since that one encounter."

"but you didn't let go of his hand, and you kept smiling encouragingly at him." blake argued.

"i promise you, i physically couldn't move my hand, i would've if i could, and i smiled at him to be polite, i didn't want to come across as a bitch, he was harmless enough." i said. "and i didn't show you any affection because i thought we were keeping our relationship private, but you don't understand how my times i went to grab your hand, or wanted to kiss you." i sighed.

"yeah." he said, and i detected the sarcasm in his voice.

"blake, fucking hell, what did you want me to do? make out with you in public where fans or family friends could be there?"

"i don't think i would've minded." he mumbled.

"so you want to tell everyone about us?"

"well.. no, not exactly.." he said and i sighed.

"blake, you can't accuse me of not being all over you in public, when that's not what you want." i snapped and he didn't reply. "i'm sorry if it upset you but i wasn't aware, and that definitely wasn't my intention." i said, my tone much softer, "i love you."

blake just looked at me for a moment, his face softening, "i love you too." he said, a smile breaking out on my lips.

"come here." i said quietly, my voice barely above a whisper as i extended my arms to him, and he moved forwards into them, hugging me, his face going to the crook of my neck.

"sorry." he whispered and i just simply pressed a kiss to his lips.

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